The Well Community Church

Academy Semester Topic:

Answering the Most Often-Asked Questions About Christianity

This class will guide you thoughtfully through a discussion of the most often-asked questions about Christianity, helping you respond to what your friends and family want to know about your faith, and what you’re afraid they will ask. You will learn how to respond thoughtfully and graciously in a way that helps them respect you and what you are saying. Some of the questions we will consider will be:

  1. Is there really a God, and how do you know?
  2. How accurate is the Bible, and why should I trust what it says?
  3. Why do the innocent suffer?
  4. What is evil, and how can a good God and evil coexist?
  5. Do you believe in miracles today, and why?
  6. Will God judge those who have never heard about Jesus?
  7. Why do you believe in heaven and hell, and how can you know where you are going?
  8. Can a person be good enough to get to heaven, or at least please God?
  9. If Christianity is true, why are there so many hypocrites? Isn’t it just a psychological crutch?