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Church/Parachurch Track is an intensive program aimed at preparing biblically qualified men and women who have an affirmed calling to minister within specific areas of local church or parachurch contexts. Our goal is to come around these men and women, and help train, resource and equip them before they launch. Opportunities may include, but aren’t limited to: Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, College Ministry, Community Life, Women’s Equipping, Music Ministry, Teaching Pastor, Operations, Counseling, Pastoral Care and Creative/Communications.

Following a very robust assessment, we will design an individualized custom track aimed at shoring up weaknesses and further developing core strengths. This custom-designed training can span anywhere from 1-3 years and require a minimum 15-hour commitment each week (all based on the assessment). Financial assistance is available on a limited basis via application.

Opportunities generally include:

  • Embedding on Well staff
  • Serving on the leadership team within the given department of focus
  • Walking through a ministerial cohort with other Residents
  • Pastoral mentoring
  • Marriage mentoring
  • Classroom education
  • On-the-job experience
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