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Guinea-Bissau with West African Vocational Schools (WAVS)

When: January/February 2020
How Much: $3,500 per person

Guinea Bissau
1.7 million people in Guinea Bissau
1.84% Evangelical (11.8% Christian)
Language: Portugese

Interested in joining us in Guinea-Bissau? Fill out an Exposure Trip application and email it to

This trip is an immersion experience into a little-known part of West Africa. We will spend about half of our time working on specific projects to help the West African Vocational Schools (WAVS) and the other half of our time learning about and experiencing Guinea-Bissau, including conversations with leaders of local churches, school instructors, local journalists and political leaders.

Visitors will have the chance to help teach some of our classes, develop friendships with students and teachers, and share their testimony. This trip includes spending one day in the village life of a typical Bissau-Guinean woman, and understanding firsthand what it is like in this small corner of the world.

Team members can connect in this culture with such gifts as computer and networking knowledge, auto mechanics and metalworking, all-around handiwork skills, teaching or ESL skills, soccer and sports skills, or video and photography experience to capture the stories.

Learn more about Guinea-Bissau and the people group of this Exposure Trip.

Last day to turn in exposure trip application is August 15, 2019