The Well Community Church

God Stories

Jul 22 2015 Dave Akina - Exposure Trip

Mary Lackey

Dave had the opportunity to go on an Exposure Trip to Thailand, where he was able to be used as one of God's tools there. Hear his experience as it changed his perspective on missions. More

Apr 23 2014 Clean Water in Thailand

Kham Ornta

Eric Hanson shares how ITDP brought water to the Hill Tribes people in Thailand for the first time, and how clean water can lead to both their physical and spiritual health. More

Mar 12 2014 Serve Dei - Contreres Family

Kham Ornta

The Contreres family shares how God brought them out of their unique backgrounds to marry each other and into a life of ministry. More

Oct 3 2013 Life Change Story of Marriage: Bob

Pat Dill

After finally succeeding and reaching the "American Dream," Bob loses it all and learns what's most important in life: his family and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Watch Part 2 More