Women's Bible Study

Week 8: 1 Peter 4

November 2, 2020
Melissa Danisi, Rhonda Schafer, Dorina Gilmore-Young

We ended las week with the assurance that Jesus was seated at the right hand god, victorious over suffering and death. Having exhorted us to endure mistreatment with grace by remembering Christ's work, Peter now moves from endurance to action. how should the believer regard sin? What behaviors should be avoided? What behaviors should be embraced? How should we steward the gifts we have been given? And how can we learn not just to endure suffering, but to find joy in it?

Though written two thousand years ago, Peter's practical encouragement is timeless, applicable to believers of all ages and stations, across all generations. Prepare to see yourself in the text this week. Ask God to help you learn right thinking, right expectation, and right reverence from Peter's faithful message.

Self Controlled and Sober-minded

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