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Mar 27 Following the Call Part 5: Mounds of Paperwork

Posted by BaCall Burns

Devastated. That is how I felt after finding out we would have to wait a quarter of a year to take the classes we needed to move forward with adopting. I was under the impression that we had to take the classes before we could begin the process of becoming certified to foster and adopt. Never… More

Mar 1 Summerpalooza 2017

Posted by Kids Ministry

June 13 - July 18, 2017 Summerpalooza is back and better than ever! In case you’re new to The Well (or have been living under a rock) Summerpalooza is the best way to spend your Tuesdays all summer long. We’re talking high-energy, Christ-centered, relationship-building, non-stop fun that your… More

Feb 15 Wagon Train 2017

Posted by WSM

Wagon Train July 23-29, 2017 Registration is now closed Every cowboy needs a trail boss when he’s drivin’ a herd across the open range. A trail boss tells a cowboy what his job is, where he’s going, and how to get there; and a good cowboy is always lookin’ to serve and follow his trail boss… More

Feb 9 Cardboard Throwdown

Posted by Kids Ministry

Think you’ve got what it takes to craft a top-of-the-line supercar? One that will stun and amaze not only your friends, but their dads as well? Then you won’t want to miss The Well’s first ever Cardboard Throwdown! Show off your cardboard-crafting skills while taking in the movie Cars and hanging… More

Feb 2 Following the Call Part 4: Applications and Orientations

Posted by BaCall Burns

I hate unfinished things. I think I might have mentioned that before. It’s this weird feeling I have, like things aren’t real until they are actually complete. I can’t get excited about going to Disneyland until I am standing in the park. I can’t believe I am going on an international adventure… More

Jan 26 Worship and Creation

Posted by Viv Donat

Participating in kids worship is one of many highlights for me as a volunteer. As we gathered in large group two weeks ago with kinders through fourth graders, kids sang it out to “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes, and it was an over-the-top moment I will never forget. Our room was filled with little ones… More

Jan 23 Literacy Mentoring Video

Posted by The Well Video Team

Literacy is a major issue in our city, where countless kids cannot read at their grade level. Hear stories of our people who have walked through it, and learn what you can do to be a part of the solution. Become a Literacy Mentor. More

Jan 18 Changing the Future of Fresno

Posted by Andrew Feil

For most Well families the ability to read is something we take for granted. Books were aplenty in our homes and still are. Imagine living in a home that doesn’t have any books, much less a bookshelf. Mom loves and works hard for you, but has little to give after her second part-time job ends at… More

Jan 17 Orphan Care Video

Posted by The Well Video Team

Hear stories of people from The Well who have been personally impacted by fostering and adoption, and consider what you could do to care for those who have no one to care for them. More

Jan 11 Mommy Wonder

Posted by Erin Obwald

Adoption is funny. It’s one of those things you won’t fully understand until it’s happens, like marriage, being a parent, being a certain profession, or [fill in the blank]. Here is a glimpse into my story. Married, with three biological children, my husband and I found ourselves heartbroken… More