The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Apr 19 Anytime Anywhere With Anyone / Mark 1:9-45

PJ Lewis

As we continue in the book of Mark, we find Jesus launching out on mission. We also find Jesus inviting others, like us, to join Him on this mission, and we learn more of what this mission is all about: people. It's about showing the life of Jesus and sharing the life of Jesus with others. In this… More

Apr 12 The Beginning of the Gospel / Mark 1:1-8

PJ Lewis

What prepares people to understand and experience the gospel, or good news, of Jesus? In order to truly appreciate or understand the need for the gospel, we have to realize our need for it. The book of Mark begins with the forerunner of Christ, John the Baptist, preaching a message of repentance for… More

Apr 5 Implications of the Resurrection / 1 Corinthians 15:1-20

Shea Sumlin

The central point of the entire Christian faith rests on the fact that we have a Savior who rose from the dead on our behalf. But what if that specific event never happened? What would we lose if Jesus didn't rise from the grave? In this passage, the Apostle Paul shows us six major things we would… More

Mar 29 Serve Fresno Celebration / Luke 10:30-37

DJ Criner and Brad Bell

This week we worshiped with people from St. Rest Baptist Church, Westside Church of God, The Crossing Community Church, The Bridge and On Ramps Covenant Church in a collaborative service, celebrating Serve Fresno and what God did in our city through His servants. It was a small taste of what heaven… More

Mar 22 Teaching to Send and Sending to Teach / Matthew 16:13-18 / Acts 1-28

Brad Bell

In Matthew 16, Jesus says He will build His church. What is the church? We get the term from the Greek compound ecclesia, which comes from two words, ek, meaning “out from” and kaleo, which means “to call.” From the very beginning, this concept of church has had nothing to do with brick and mortar… More

Mar 15 A People of the Gospel / Romans 16:1-27

Shea Sumlin

In this final chapter of the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul sends his greeting to a very diverse group of people that God used to help build the church at Rome. He lists 35 names in this chapter that are faceless to us but were significant enough to God to have them recorded in His Word forever… More

Mar 8 Living on Mission / Romans 15:14-33

PJ Lewis

Paul begins to conclude this letter with a word of encouragement about the mission of connecting people to God and to each other in every neighborhood. As he explains to the Romans why he has been delayed in seeing them, Paul also lays down some key principles we will consider regarding our lives of… More

Mar 1 The Higher Value of Mission / Romans 15:1-13

PJ Lewis

As he wraps up his thoughts on navigating through the gray areas of the Christian life, Paul reminds us of the common motivation we all have no matter where we land on amoral issues. Maturity is shown when we welcome those with different views and convictions, knowing that we all have the same… More

Feb 22 A Tale of Two Brothers / Romans 14:13-15:1

Brad Bell

Where the scriptures are clear, we must be obedient. But where the scriptures are vague, how are we to live? Our journey through Romans this week provides clear insights and practical steps to assist believers in living a life of obedience to God, even in the gray. Historically the church has either… More

Feb 15 Grace in the Gray / Romans 14:1-12

Shea Sumlin

One of the greatest challenges of the church today is division from within. Far too many Christians break fellowship, and far too many churches split over disagreements about non-essential areas of the faith. In this passage of Romans, the Apostle Paul helps us understand how to accept one another… More