The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Oct 4 The Word / Joshua 1:8 / 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Brad Bell

When the church begins to meet, the first thing they do is spend time in their Bibles. This faith community is deeply ingrained in the Word. Pharisees, scribes and religious leaders studied their Bible as well, but it was purely head knowledge, and Jesus tells them they are whitewashed tombs, clean… More

Sep 27 Prayer / Luke 11:1 / Matthew 6:5-13

Brad Bell

The disciples only asked Jesus to help them understand one thing. They didn't ask how He did miracles or walked on water. They asked that He teach them to pray. They saw something in the life of Christ and how He prayed that they couldn't connect to. So He teaches them to pray. After the day of… More

Sep 20 The Holy Spirit / Matthew 28:18-20 / Acts 1-2

Brad Bell

Jesus tells the disciples they will receive power when the Spirit comes upon them, and they are going to be His witnesses. It's only by the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives that they’re going to be able to do what Christ asks of them. The Spirit of God is the energy that drives the… More

Sep 13 Paradigm Shift / Mark 16 / John 21:15-22

Brad Bell

Throughout the Gospel of Mark, Peter, like the other disciples and those who followed Jesus, knew intellectually who Jesus was. But he didn't understand the bigness of who He was. As Jesus restores him, there's a heart change that takes place in him. That paradigm shift of moving from religious… More

Sep 6 Do I Get It? / Mark 16:1-8 (9-20)

PJ Lewis

As we wrap up the "Follow the Servant" series, giving one last overview of the book, we find that time and time again, the disciples really didn't get who Jesus was or what everything He did actually meant. His disciples continued to miss what it was really all about. Even after Jesus rose from the… More

Aug 30 Anatomy of a Crucifixion / Mark 15:16-47

Mike Slayden

This week we’ll take a brutally honest look at the crucifixion. In examining this means of torture and death perfected by the Romans, we’ll see that Jesus’ death on the cross was God’s means of satisfying His wrath toward sin. By providing a substitute to take our place, Jesus’ death reconciled a… More

Aug 23 Jesus and the Jewish Council / Mark 14:43-15:15

Jerrod Rumley

This passage portrays the betrayal, arrest and trial of Jesus, and finishes with Peter’s denial. Judas was commissioned to betray Him, and even His closest of disciples reject knowing Him at the eleventh hour. The implications for us are many. One, we need to always be mindful of who we do community… More

Aug 16 Not My Will / Mark 14:32-42

PJ Lewis

As the time for the sacrifice draws closer, we find Jesus struggling. This is an almost unbelievable passage that shows a time when Jesus and the Father’s wills were not identical. But this is where we get so much insight into how Jesus operated, as He was able to navigate through this time, showing… More

Aug 9 Remembering Redemption / Mark 14:12-31

Shea Sumlin

On the night Jesus was betrayed, shortly before His arrest, trials and execution on the cross, He shares the Passover meal with His disciples. Jews had shared this meal every year for the previous 1500 years, celebrating God’s incredible deliverance from their bondage of slavery under the Egyptians… More

Aug 2 Extravagant Worship / Mark 14:1-11

Mike Slayden

Just days before the crucifixion, Mark takes us to an intimate dinner scene in Bethany with Jesus and His closest friends. In the midst of dinner, Mary, sister of Lazarus, becomes overwhelmed by the thought of the coming death of Christ. What she does next demonstrates one of the greatest acts of… More