The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Jan 25 Christ on Display / Romans 12:9-21

Brad Bell

Faith without deeds is useless. James makes this statement as a reminder that our faith in Christ should be seen in the world around us (James 2:17). Paul takes this same direction in Romans 12 when he lays out over twenty indicators of how our faith should be seen. The world would suggest that our… More

Jan 18 What God Says About Our Spiritual Gifts / Romans 12:3-8

Brad Bell

Though the world might suggest this life is about accommodating self, God says we are gifted by Him to benefit others. However, identifying our spiritual gifts and utilizing them within the body of Christ is a lost art. Unfortunately the trend toward consumerism has influenced the church, and many… More

Jan 11 Presenting Our Bodies and Minds to God / Romans 12:1-2

PJ Lewis

As we turn the page from chapter 11 to chapter 12 in Romans, Paul turns from theology to practice. What do we do now, knowing what God has done for us and with us? In light of the mercies of God shown to us over the previous chapters, we are to respond with worship. But what is the reasonable way to… More

Jan 4 January 2015 Baptism Service

Chris Schultz / Brad Bell

Throughout the Gospels we see a Savior who came to seek and save the lost and the broken, and bring them into His family. Today we celebrate the goodness and grace of God through the work and person of Jesus Christ as people are baptized. Baptism is an important part of a Christian’s life and a… More

Dec 28 2014 Breaking Out of Routine

Brad Bell

Routines are predictable, manageable and safe, but not always helpful. We are creatures of habit by nature. We tend to gravitate toward the same routines, the same commutes, the same spiritual exercises. Yet more of the same typically produces more of the same. Routines do not always bring about the… More

Dec 21 2014 The Scandal of Christmas / Matthew 1:1-25 / Luke 1:26-35, 2:1-20

Brad Bell

The Christmas story is so familiar to many of us that we can miss the nuance of the story, the scandal of the story, and the opportunity to see God in a special and profound way. People throughout the Bible had an expectation of the Savior who was to come, but He chose to come in obscurity, and by… More

Dec 14 2014 Sovereignty, Responsibility and Our Faithful God / Romans 11:1-36

Brad Bell

In the early pages of the Bible God promises to Abraham and his descendants that He would give them land, seed and blessing. In this promise hangs the faithfulness of God. If God is truly a promise-keeping God then we must anticipate a fulfillment of these things one day. Yet the church is a… More

Dec 7 2014 Beautiful Feet / Romans 10:1-21

Shea Sumlin

On the heels of Romans 9, where the Apostle Paul showed us an exalted view of the sovereign mercy of God in our salvation, Paul now shifts gears in chapter 10 to our responsibility as God's chosen instruments for delivering the message of that salvation to the world around us. In doing so, Paul also… More

Nov 30 2014 God’s Sovereign Choice / Romans 9:1-33

Brad Bell

Did God choose you or did you choose God? The answer is a frustrating yes. The Bible seems to teach both sides of this conundrum and does not apologize for the perceived contradiction. Depending on the text of Scripture we explore, the issue can be articulated from both sides. Our responsibility as… More

Nov 23 2014 Suffering and the Sovereignty of God / Romans 8:16-39

Shea Sumlin

Throughout our study of Romans we've seen how the gospel has saved us from the penalty of sin and how it's currently saving us from the power of sin. But what about the very presence of sin that so easily entangles us and has brought about much suffering in this world? Is there a day coming when the… More