The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Oct 26 A New Pattern / Romans 6:1-14

Brad Bell

How can we who died to sin still live in it? In this passage, Paul is not speaking to the influence or presence of sin but rather the mastery and obligation to sin. The beauty of the gospel is that it both saves and sanctifies. We are brought to faith in Christ by the power of the gospel in our… More

Oct 19 The Benefits of Justification by Faith / Romans 5:1-21

Brad Bell

The first several chapters of Romans remind us that we are dead in our transgressions and sins. It ruthlessly points out the depth of our depravity and steadily reminds us that without faith in Jesus Christ we have no hope for salvation. But as the book continues, the hope in the gospel unfolds… More

Oct 12 Faith in Christ Alone / Romans 4:1-25

Brad Bell

Justification by faith is a crucial theological truth packed full of real life implications. Based on the finished work of Jesus Christ we are declared righteous. And this is all accomplished by faith. But what is faith? Scripture reminds us, "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the… More

Oct 5 Justified by Faith / Romans 3:21-31

Shea Sumlin

After three-and-a-half chapters of walking us through the doctrine of total depravity, and proving man's inability to make himself righteous before a holy God and escape the condemnation we fully deserve, the Apostle Paul shows us exactly how it is God saves us. This portion of Scripture is the… More

Sep 28 No, Seriously, Total Depravity / Romans 2:1-3:20

PJ Lewis

Apart from faith in Jesus, nothing can make us right in God's sight. We have all sinned and there is nothing we can do to fix the problem we have. No law, not even God's Law, can change our flawed hearts. No good deed can make up for the sin in our lives. Nothing about us is right. Nothing. The… More

Sep 21 Total Depravity / Romans 1:18-32

Brad Bell

As you consider sharing the gospel with someone you love, where do you begin? Many people naturally go to "God loves you" or "God has a wonderful plan for your life." Though certainly true, Romans begins the explanation of the gospel at the heart of depravity. Paul draws attention to what a society… More

Sep 14 Unashamed / Romans 1:1-17

Shea Sumlin

The book of Romans seeks to answer every essential question pertaining to God, man, Christ, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation and newness of the Christian life. It is all about the gospel and the ability of God to redeem a broken and fallen world by providing the one thing people need the most: the… More

Sep 7 The Power of Personal Invitation / John 1:35-42

Brad Bell

Being the church is more than just showing up to a service. It’s more than walking into a building and remaining anonymous week after week. Being the church means connecting with others, knowing them and being known. It's our responsibility to welcome guests. It's our responsibility to invite people… More

Aug 31 The Disciples' Prayer / Luke 11:1-4

Brad Bell

Even after walking on water, feeding the multitudes, healing the sick, and restoring sight to the blind, the disciples only asked Jesus to show them how to do one thing: pray. Jesus modeled such an intimacy with the Father that they were fascinated. His intimacy with the Father was cultivated in… More