The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Aug 14 2016 Praying the Word / Acts 4:23-31

Shea Sumlin

The Word of God exhorts and church history demonstrates that one of the unique elements that should define a church's weekly gathering is our commitment to praying the Word together. Whether it be congregational prayers, confessional prayers or intercessory prayers, it is our vertical communion with… More

Aug 7 2016 Reading, Preaching and Teaching the Word / 1 Timothy 4:13

Brad Bell

The Word of God drives our gatherings. But when we talk about the importance of the Word of God in community, it’s not just about the Bible being communicated; it’s about coming with a sense of anticipation and the experience we get as we submitting to the Word together. We share the journey of… More

Jul 31 2016 Trust / Psalm 63

Chris Schultz

All that matters to David was taken away in an instant; his power, his position, his popularity and his prosperity have been removed, and he finds himself in the wilderness of Judah. Out of this terrifying and heart-breaking experience, David turns to his God. Instead of letting his circumstances… More

Jul 24 2016 Thanksgiving / Psalm 32

Josh Hawley

In Psalm 32 David describes the blessings of God's forgiveness of sin, which comes after the pain of conviction and the humility of our confession. God is with us always, even after we sin. More

Jul 17 2016 Wisdom / Psalm 1

Brad Bell

When we think of being blessed (or #blessed), we generally think of having stuff. However, Psalm 1 defines what the blessed life really is from a spiritual context, saying it’s more about a life that is right with God – a life that is meaningful, has purpose and is at peace. And we get there by… More

Jul 10 2016 Royal / Psalm 20

Brad Bell

Psalm 20 is a fascinating pre-battle Psalm of David. As they prepared to go to battle, the troops would recite and sing this Psalm, boasting in the Lord for what they knew He would do. The word boast in the Hebrew is the idea of trusting and bragging and proclaiming something out loud. They don’t… More

Jul 3 2016 Hymns / Psalm 121

Brad Bell

In Psalm 121, the psalmist asks and answers the question, “Where does my help come from?” Where do you look for help? Do you lift your eyes up to the Lord? Or do you look toward lesser things? These eight short verses talk about God’s covenantal love for His people, and they’re meant to be a… More

Jun 26 2016 Lament / Psalm 64

Dave Hawes

When pain and fear come crashing into our world, we tend to run in one of three directions: away from God, at God or to God. The power of lament is that it gives us the freedom to run to God with questions in the midst of our confusion, looking for help in the midst of our helplessness. Lament… More

Jun 19 2016 Praise / Psalm 138

Josh Hawley

Life is hard, but God is with us in every circumstance. Praising Him for who He is and what He has done for us doesn't necessarily mean our circumstances will change, but as we trust in Him, He will change us from the inside out for His glory. I can learn to praise God with all that’s happening in… More

Jun 12 2016 Intro to the Psalms / Psalm 91

Brad Bell

In the midst of difficult times, have you ever asked yourself, “Where is God?” The psalmists have. The author of Psalm 91 begins the journey of understanding circumstances by first getting an understanding of who God is. The psalmist cries out to God, longing for His deliverance, longing for His… More