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Apr 18 2012 Well Life Reorganization

Posted by Jeff Richmond

For those who subscribe to The Well Life RSS feed, you may want to update your subscriptions... Well Life has grown into something much larger than what we had originally planned, so in order to help organize the content, and avoid stories getting lost in the clutter, we have separated Well Life… More

Apr 1 2012 April Fool's 2012

Posted by Brad Bell

Proverbs 17:22 speaks of the medicinal benefit of a joyful heart. This past week's April Fool's prank demonstrated the joy in the hearts of the people at our church. Thank you for being a place that can encourage fun, foster laughter and enjoy these type of moments together. Let's never take… More

Mar 14 2012 God Story - Thailand Trip

Posted by Kham Ornta

Three people from different walks of life share their story of how God changed them after their decision to visit Thailand. More

Mar 13 2012 God Story - Percy Lacey

Posted by Kham Ornta

Watch as a man confronts his sexually immoral decisions and allows God to heal him and his new bride. More

Mar 8 2012 Israel Trip Promo

Posted by Kham Ornta

Don't miss out on a life changing trip to the Holy Land. Email to sign up. More

Feb 8 2012 God Story - Rob Poythress

Posted by Kham Ornta

Rob Poythress is the mayor of Madera. Hear him share his heart about what God is doing in the city of Madera and his involvement with The Well. More

Jan 30 2012 Clovis Remodel

Posted by Sarah Welles

Here we will be posting the progress of the Clovis campus remodel of the sanctuary! For the next 10 weeks the Clovis campus sanctuary will be closed and church will be held in the lobby. Come join us for a Sunday! It will be a fun time. More