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Mar 21 Well Life Episode 5

Posted by The Well Video Team

In this episode of Well Life, find out what's happening in our college intern houses (yes, we have those), and how these students are using what they've been given to reach our city. More

Feb 14 Well Life Episode 4

Posted by The Well Video Team

In this episode of Well Life, we see the Southeast Campus move to their new location, an update on the Chestnut property and hear from PJ Lewis about a big change for him in the near future. More

Nov 30 2016 Well Life Episode 3

Posted by The Well Video Team

In this episode, learn about some exciting growth opportunities for our church, and the impact our Regen ministry had on the worship team. More

Nov 6 2016 Well Life Episode 2

Posted by The Well Video Team

In Well Life Episode 2, discover how we're embarking on a journey to reach the Hispanic community in Southeast Fresno, and the impact our Exposure Trip Team had during their time in Guatemala. More

Oct 11 2016 Well Life Episode 1

Posted by The Well Video Team

Welcome to our first episode of Well Life, where we get to hear from Brad's heart and share in encouraging stories with one another. More

Apr 1 2012 April Fool's 2012

Posted by Brad Bell

Proverbs 17:22 speaks of the medicinal benefit of a joyful heart. This past week's April Fool's prank demonstrated the joy in the hearts of the people at our church. Thank you for being a place that can encourage fun, foster laughter and enjoy these type of moments together. Let's never take… More

Mar 14 2012 God Story - Thailand Trip

Posted by Kham Ornta

Three people from different walks of life share their story of how God changed them after their decision to visit Thailand. More