The Well Community Church

Family Ministry - Kindergarten ā€“ 4th Grade

Meet the Team

Jeremy Tullis

Jeremy Tullis Kids Director

Jeremy Tullis loves adventure, and he believes the greatest adventure anybody can ever embark on is their relationship with Jesus. He desires to guide parents in their God-ordained role of discipling their kids in a deeper relationship with their Creator, and brings a passion to see the next generation fall in love with Jesus.

Jeremy married his wife Julie in 2000 and they have three kids: Hailey, their oldest, with a larger-than-life personality; Tyler, the middle guy, who can build anything and is an epic mountain biker; and Mady, their youngest, who is a self-proclaimed "talk-a lot-girl." When they are not loading up their Xterra for a family adventure somewhere off the grid, you might find Jeremy standing on top of one of the tallest mountains, racing with the FCA Endurance triathlon team, scaling the side of a rock wall, bombing down a trail on his bike or braving storms in the backcountry of the Sierras.

Heather DePartee

Heather DePartee Kids Director North Campus AM

Orange County born and raised, Heather DePartee spent most of her life as a Beyonce backup dancer wannabe. Instead of showing the world her sweet dance moves, she opted to get her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development and work in ministry. Probably one of her better decisions.

You can find her adventuring with her husband Adam, eating delicious food or patting herself on the back for the amazing number of houseplants she has kept alive. If you want to make her smile, bring her a slice of pizza and give her a hug.

Jordan Niles

Jordan Niles Kids Director North Campus PM

Jordan Niles was born and raised in Fresno. He is a big guy, but don't let that fool you; he is often referred to as a giant teddy bear. Jordan has a passion for people to have a real relationship with Jesus, and is currently working on a degree in Christian Leadership and Ministry from Fresno Pacific University. He likes to spend his summers in Ukraine working with orphans, and plans to move there in the future to be a missionary.

When he is not helping kids know Jesus or doing his homework, he likes to hang out with the loves of his life: his wife Danay and son Patrick. Jordan also loves to talk sports with his friends, drink coffee and take naps.

Emily Barrow

Emily Barrow Kids Director Fig Garden Campus

Emily Barrow is a middle child to a family of six and the shortest in her family. This taught her to value family time and also how to take a joke. She spends most days eating street tacos and Ampersand ice cream, taking her laundry to her parents’ house or camping with her closest friends.

Emily got her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and is passionate about supporting families and child development. If she could be anyone in the world, she would be Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and have fun all day teaching kids through play.

Shaina Hough

Shaina Hough Kids Director Southeast Campus

Shaina Hough was born and raised in Madera Ranchos, married a boy she fell in love with at age 5, and they have three spirited kids. God threw her into children’s ministry in 2010 and she’s never looked back. (Okay, she may have paused for a bit just to be sure she’d heard Him correctly.)

When she’s not surrounded by children, Shaina enjoys running, reading and yoga. She relies on Jesus and coffee to get her through life because adulting is hard. Shaina also studied Political Science and Economics at Fresno State, but has yet to impress any 2 year olds with her knowledge of supply and demand.