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Exodus Sermon Series

The book of Exodus is a mere shadow pointing to the greater substance of Jesus Christ. It is all about the gospel and redemption. God pursues His people who are enslaved and provides a substitute death for them that gives them life. Then He miraculously delivers them out of that slavery into a new life of freedom to serve Him. They struggle in the wilderness for a bit, but God eventually brings them home to the Promised Land. As powerful as that was 3500 years ago, it parallels God’s faithfulness and what Christ did to fully and completely redeem us.

Sermon Listing

Feb 12 This Is Our Story / Exodus 1:1-22

Mike Slayden

Why does God allow suffering? Where is He in the midst of difficulty? The Israelites wondered the same things as they encountered the slavery and genocide. The book of Exodus shows us a bigger picture…

Feb 19 God Is Still Good / Exodus 2:1-10

Brad Bell

God chose to wait 430 years to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt. Could He have delivered them on the first day? Yes. But He chose not to. So where was God in the calamity – the slavery and…

Mar 5 Living Out God’s Calling / Exodus 2:23-4:31

Brad Bell

When Moses was in the wilderness, he likely felt like he had been forsaken. Yet he was right were God wanted him to be. Even in the wilderness, God was with Moses, working in his life. Through his…

Mar 19 From Bad to Worse / Exodus 5:1-23

Mike Slayden

God wanted to teach Moses humility, obedience and dependence. After being in the wilderness for 40 years, it is apparent Moses has learned humility, and in saying what God told him to say to Pharaoh…

Mar 26 Our Covenant-Keeping God / Exodus 6:1-30

Shea Sumlin

On the heels of a perceived backfire in chapter 5, Moses and the Israelites quickly fall into despair that God's plan for rescue and redemption had failed. We come to learn in chapter 6 that the…

Apr 9 Grace Before Judgment / Exodus 7:1-10:29

Brad Bell

Over and over in this passage, God encouraged Pharaoh to repent, and each time he refused, bringing decimation to all of Egypt. May we learn the lessons of Pharaoh without paying the price he did. Let…

Apr 16 By the Blood of the Lamb / Exodus 11:1-12:32

Brad Bell

God could have chosen to redeem the Israelites any way He wanted, but he used 10 plagues, each specifically geared to confront and essentially dethrone an Egyptian deity. The final plague was the…

Apr 23 He Sets Us Free / Exodus 12:33-14:31

Shea Sumlin

Through a substituted sacrifice (the shed blood of the lamb), God saved and redeemed His people. But as we approach what is arguably the most climactic event of the entire Old Testament (the crossing…

Apr 30 Exodus 15:1-21

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