The Well Community Church

Intern Responsibilities & Development Plan

This internship is a 10-15 hour volunteer commitment where–through our existing programs–you will be equipped and trained up in godliness and exercise your giftings and talents to help reach the college community at the Well and College Aged Community in Fresno for Christ. Along with attending the 7pm gathering intentionally and faithfully; these will be the following requirements:

  • Becoming A Member of The Well Community Church
  • Collaborate with Interns and College Staff to develop in one of the following teams:
    • Evangelism
    • Friday Night Hangs (Mandatory as an Intern)
    • 7PM Gathering
    • Events
    • Outreach
  • Adhere to Leadership Covenant expectations
  • Attend Equipping Training (Residency, Re:Generation, Leading a Life Group)
  • Consistently meet with a member of the College staff
  • Host Friday Night Hangs* (4 Fridays allowed off in a Semester)
  • Being in or leading a Life Group
  • Lead or Participate in an Exposure Trip
  • Attend College specific retreats
  • Participate in one hour per month of evangelism training and lab, as assigned

House Values & Standards

As an intern you will be viewed by others as a leader within our church, due to this we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard in regards to our freedoms, relationships, etc. We challenge you to exercise great discernment in areas that can reflect upon the character of yourself, the house, the church, and most importantly, your reflection of Christ. In light of this, here are a few “House Rules”:

  • The Intern Houses are dry houses. No alcohol or drugs allowed in the houses.
  • There is to be no dating or courting of other interns during the internship.
  • People of the Opposite Sex are not allowed in any of the rooms except for “community space” (living room, kitchen, bathroom, backyard).
  • Rent and any house bills are to be turned in on time to House Manager.
  • Being an “open house” we expect the house to be an inviting environment. We ask that the community spaces are picked up and clean for others to enjoy.
  • Each house has a designated “Chore Chart” that you will be expected to sign up and contribute to.
  • It is expected that all interns are good neighbors (noise levels, inclusive community, etc).

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