The Well Community Church

Life Groups

Life Groups are the vital link in our long-standing mission statement: Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood.

In addition to attending Discovery and serving on a ministry team, joining a Life Group is the next best step to getting connected. Life Groups allow you to know others and be known, love others and be loved. God did not mean for us to live in isolation; He meant for us to live in community. Learn how we do life, how we are intentionally being formed into Christ-likeness and how we are living on mission—together.

Not quite ready to jump into a Group? Check out our short-term equipping classes.

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Search Results

  • Married Couples-Brummel
    Tuesdays @ 7pm
    Herndon Ave and Fruit Ave

    Married Couples
    Status: Open
    2 of 10 spots available

  • Married Couples-Clark
    Fridays @ 6pm
    Blackstone and Nees

    Married Couples
    Status: Open
    7 of 10 spots available

  • Married Couples-Putzel/Falls
    Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
    Palm and Bullard

    Married Couples
    Status: Open
    2 of 3 spots available

  • Married Couples-Salazar
    Thursdays @ 6:00pm
    Shields and Blackstone

    Married Couples
    Status: Open
    2 of 9 spots available

  • Married Couples-Soule
    Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
    Rotating Homes

    Married Couples
    Status: Open
    4 of 4 spots available

  • Mens- Mainord
    Wednesdays at 7pm

    College Age
    Status: Open
    7 of 8 spots available

  • Mens- Maxwell
    Thursdays @ 8pm
    Bullard Ave and Millbrook Ave

    College Age
    Status: Open
    4 of 10 spots available

  • Mens-Cano
    Wednesdays @ 6pm
    Cedar Ave and Herndon Ave

    College Age
    Status: Open
    1 of 7 spots available

  • Mens-Lewellen
    Thursdays @ 6pm
    River Park

    College Age
    Status: Open
    6 of 10 spots available

  • Mens-Lisitsin/Hsia
    Saturdays @ 7:30am
    Shaw and Blackstone

    Status: Open
    17 of 20 spots available

  • Mens-Negrete/Haury
    Sundays @7pm
    Shaw Ave and Minnewawa Ave

    Status: Open
    2 of 5 spots available

  • Mens-Riley/Rodriguez
    Wednesdays @ 7:15pm
    Maple Ave and Nees Ave

    College Age
    Status: Open
    11 of 15 spots available

  • Open to All-Hildebrand
    Thursdays @ 9:00am
    Shaw and West

    Open to All
    Status: Open
    3 of 19 spots available

  • Womens (Moms)-Abajian/Howard
    Thursdays @ 9:15am
    Palm and Gettysburg

    Status: Open
    7 of 50 spots available

  • Womens-Wills
    Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
    Kings Canyon and Temperance

    Status: Open
    10 of 26 spots available