Life Groups

Life change happens in small groups

Your first step into Life Groups at The Well is Foundations. We invite you to hear, experience, and live out 8 foundational practices that are essential to having a more intimate relationship with God. Our Life Groups deeply influence community life, and in doing so, we must learn to walk out the Christian faith together, submitting to His word, His people and His spirit.

You are meant to do life with one another. Life Groups continue to live out the spiritual practices introduced in Foundations, and the abundant fruit that comes from these small groups furthers our mission statement of helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood. You will continue to experience authentic community, find a safe place to be broken as you grow deeper in the things of God, and impact the world around you with the love of Jesus.

Have you been through Foundations? Let us know, and we’ll help you join a Life Group.

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