The Well is seeking the unreached for Christ in all parts of the world, doing for some what we wish we could do for all.

Understanding the unique hardships that exist in our city and overseas, The Well has carefully chosen to train, send and partner with the following individuals and organizations. And in doing so, live out our mission statement of helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood, so that His name would be known and glorified in all parts of the world.

Our Exposure Trips, Extended Family, Global Interns, and Partners and Affiliates, collectively seeking the unreached for Christ, are meeting practical needs that can open doors for the gospel to move and transform lives.

Exposure Trips

Exposure Trips allow you to experience the amazing things God is doing in and through our Global Extended Family, Global Interns, and Global Partners in places that have never before heard the gospel. As more teams are exposed to a country's spiritual and physical needs and more people grow as disciples, our hope is to foster relationships through prayer and evangelism, encouraging hundreds of children that there is a Heavenly Father who loves them.

Join one of our short-term Exposure Trips, or financially support our far-reaching spiritual influence on diverse cultures and countries.

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