The Well Community Church

Biblical Studies

The Well’s Residency Program exists to bring glory to God by training men and women who desire to be equipped and sent out as leaders in gospel ministry. Much like a medical residency, this is an intentional investment whereby you embed yourself in a focused season of learning and hands-on training prior to launching out in the specific field the Lord is calling you to. Our goal is to train holistically, targeting three dimensions of development:

Knowing God, His Word and His Glory in Ministry

The Well highly values the mind and a clear understanding of biblical truth (John 17:17). We don’t expect every member of our Residency Program to be a Bible scholar, but our desire is that each of you will joyfully obey the biblical exhortation in 2 Timothy 2:15: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth.” Our hope is to help those God has called to gospel ministry possess a deep knowledge of the Scriptures and Christian theology.

Being Conformed to The Image of His Son

The most important dimension of preparation for ministry relates to your relationship with God and conformity to the character of Christ. Our desire is to help you identify potential patterns of sin and suffering in your life, and learn to address these areas through a gospel-centered lens. We train and encourage you to look honestly at your own life, relationship with God, understanding of yourself, relationship to others and awareness of impending cross-cultural issues. These foundations will become vital in not only learning to move toward biblical health in your vertical relationship to God, but also to move toward biblical health in key horizontal relationships that will evolve while leading in ministry.

Doing The Work of The Ministry Through Hands-On Training

Our desire is to help you prepare for your prospective field by providing hands-on training and development of specific skill sets needed for your given area of focus. Many programs excel at training men and women in knowledge and character. One of the unique privileges of being trained in the local church context is embedding yourself into life-on-life, on-the-job training with real ministry experiences. Our desire is to open lanes of opportunity where you—the next generation of leaders—can grow and be sharpened in your spiritual gifts and abilities, so you can best serve Christ’s church and the context the Lord is calling you to.