Biblical Studies

Video Extension Course

Thank you for your interest in the Video Extension Course of our Residency: Biblical Studies Program. This course is designed to help meet the needs of qualified applicants who find themselves with exceptional life circumstances and are unable to meet the standard, three-day, in-class attendance requirements.

Exceptional, qualifying circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Those who live at a distance too far to make a regular, reasonable commute to our North Campus
  • Those who have unalterable and perpetual schedule conflicts (such as work, parenting responsibilities, etc.) that would prevent them from being able to faithfully attend one or more of our morning classes every week
  • Those who have physical disabilities and/or perpetual transportation limitations, and thereby cannot easily mobilize themselves for consistent class attendance

The Video Extension Course is not an option for those who “just aren’t morning people” or simply “prefer learning at home.” This is strictly an option for those who have extreme life circumstances and could not otherwise have access to this equipping opportunity.


  • Video Extension Residents must attend the following in-class session as part of their requirement:
    • 2021-2022 Semesters (whichever you register for):
      • Biblical Studies Kick-Off Semester 1: Friday, January 8, 2021
      • Biblical Studies Kick-Off Semester 2: Friday, August 13, 2021
      • Biblical Studies Kick-Off Semester 3: Friday, January 14, 2022
  • Video Extension Residents are responsible to watch all 3 days of teaching (4.5 hours) every week. They do not necessarily have to keep up with the content day by day, but they must keep up week by week throughout the year. Videos of class sessions will be uploaded onto our website each morning and be made accessible through a private link that will be provided.
  • Video Extension Residents must commit to completing all assignments on time.
  • Video Extension Residents are highly encouraged (but not required) to get together as often as possible with other Biblical Studies Residents to process the content taught. Since Video Extension Residents do not have the privilege of in-class participation and the ability to ask questions, this opportunity can play a vital role in having a communal way to process the material (rather than solely learning in isolation).
  • Our Biblical Studies Teachers will be checking in with our Video Extension Residents from time to time throughout the year to see how they are progressing, but Residents are always encouraged to reach out to our teachers any time they have questions or concerns.
  • All other commitments as described on our website and at our Biblical Studies Kick-Off remain the same (including the application fee etc.).

Common Questions

  • For the sake of consistency with those who have made the commitment to attend class regularly for all 3 days each week, we ask that our Video Extension Residents not attend sporadically. However, we will allow for a hybrid attendance if you can commit to consistently attending on the same days of your choosing every week throughout the year. For example, if you choose to attend only on Mondays and Tuesdays, then you would need to commit to attending every Monday and Tuesday throughout the year.

To submit your application, click the Apply Now button, complete the PDF by following the instructions provided, and send it, or any questions you have, to Please identify the desired track in the subject line and let us know you are applying for the Video Extension Course, along with a list of anyone else you believe will also be applying for the same cohort as you.

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