The Well Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your question is not answered here, visit the Info Hub at your campus or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • Does The Well have a mission statement?

    Yes. "Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood." Our primary ways of doing this include serving and doing life in Groups.

  • What does The Well have for children?

    Our Kids Co program is a safe, secure, fun, Bible-centered program for kids from birth to fourth grade, available during most services at all campuses. Our vision is to help kids and families connect to God and to each other. We use age-appropriate lessons taught by trained, background-checked leaders. This is not just a babysitting service; we believe even young children can understand they are sinners, God loves them, and that they can have an authentic relationship with Him. For more, check out our kids ministry pages, visit the Info Hub at your campus or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • What does The Well have for teens and preteens?

    Our student ministries are welcoming environments with eclectic groups of sixth through eighth grade (Surge) and high school students (Verve). We are here to help connect students to God and to each other in all areas of life. It is a safe place to question God, to learn more about who He really is, and to learn how to grow in your faith, as well as communicate it. For more, check out our Student Ministries pages, visit the Info Hub at your campus or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • What does The Well mean by “put your faith in Christ”?

    The most important decision and commitment you can make is to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Due to our sin nature we are separated from God. As we place our faith in God’s provision of Jesus Christ, we begin a new relationship with God and are redeemed. Salvation is a gift from God and not based on our deeds. Authentic followers of Christ are assured of their salvation and called to follow Jesus faithfully. If you have decided to make this commitment or want to know more, visit the Info Hub at your campus or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • What is The Well's theology?

    We are committed to being a doctrinally sound church. We do not believe something first and then use the Bible to back up our beliefs. We call our doctrinal statement our Points of Clarity. Both the abridged and unabridged versions are available on our Statement of Faith page.

  • Does The Well offer counseling?

    The Well Counseling Center was created to provide affordable, clinical counseling by trained professionals. For more, check out our Counseling Center website or call 559.325.8600.

  • What is Baptism and how do I get baptized at The Well?

    We believe Baptism is an outward proclamation of your faith in Christ, and it is an act of obedience to God, but not salvific in nature (I Corinthians 1:14-17; Ephesians 2:8-9). We only baptize those who understand their commitment to Christ. If you have decided to make this commitment or want to know more, check out our Baptism page or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • Do pastors at The Well perform weddings and do premarital counseling?

    Our pastors perform weddings, but our focus is on long-term marriages, not just ceremonies. In lieu of premarital counseling, marriage mentoring is required if you would like to be married by a Well pastor or at a Well campus. It covers topics such as marriage roles, healthy conflict, finances, expectations and intimacy. Additional info can be found on the Marriage Mentoring page.

  • Does The Well do child dedications?

    Yes. We celebrate child dedications in homes in the context of Life Groups or other family gatherings. Go to the Child Dedications page to schedule a dedication.

  • Do pastors at The Well do funerals?

    Yes. If you are in need of funeral support, check out our Funerals page or call our office at 559.326.5100.

  • How do I financially give at The Well?

    If you consider The Well to be your home church, or would like to contribute financially to what God is doing, there are a few ways you can give. You can give online and choose a one-time gift or recurring donations on any day of the month, use the tithe boxes located at every campus, or mail your support to: The Well Community Church, 2044 E Nees Ave, Fresno, CA 93720. For more, check out our Give page or call our office at 559.326.5100.

    All gifts are tax deductible. Sign into your account from the Give page to review and/or print your statement at any time.

  • What is Communion and how often does The Well do it?

    Communion is an act of remembrance of Christ and thanksgiving for His sacrifice for our sin. Bread is a symbol of Christ’s broken body, which He sacrificed on the cross, and wine (or grape juice) is a symbol of the blood He shed for us (Mark 14: 17-26 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-29). We do Communion irregularly but often, and try to do it when the Scripture being taught reflects what Communion represents.

  • What are the Life Group Guide Primer and the Life Group Guide?

    The goal of the Life Group Guide Primer is to help you and your Life Group understand what it looks and feels like to be a Life Group at The Well. We have created this to be a learning and living experience. To help create healthy biblical community, we will teach your Life Group three rhythms: life in community, being formed in Christ-likeness, and living on mission.

    The Life Group Guide is the main curriculum most of our Life Groups follow. It is based on the biblical passage our teaching team is currently going through. This curriculum is meant to continue the rhythms that were introduced in the Life Group Guide Primer – and further challenge you to learn the biblical passages, as well as live them out.

  • Is there a guide for the terminology The Well uses?

    Yes. Although some of the terms we use may seem like a foreign language, there is intentionality behind everything. View our Language Decoder.