The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Sep 17 Smyrna / Revelation 2:8-11

Mike Cirricione

Smyrna was a wealthy and beautiful city that was very faithful to Rome. While the city was rich, the church at Smyrna was poor, having experienced financial persecution being kicked out of the marketplace by the Roman government for their refusal to worship Caesar. Jesus wrote to commend them on… More

Sep 10 Laodicea / Revelation 3:14-22

Shea Sumlin

Laodicea was a vibrant city in the first century. Much like our own American culture, they were driven by hard work, determination, self-will, and a deep desire for progress, innovation and prosperity. As a result, the city became very wealthy and affluent, and didn’t need anything from anyone… More

Sep 3 Philadelphia / Revelation 3:7-13

Mike Slayden

A small church in size and influence compared to those around them, Philadelphia was the first of two churches in Revelation to have no corrections from Jesus. Though they would have faced all the same temptations of culture and compromise, Jesus commended them for keeping His Word and not denying… More

Aug 27 Pergamum / Revelation 2:12-17

Brad Bell

Pergamum was a city of excess. The church there had good theology, but they had allowed immorality and the sexually charged nature of their culture to influence their lives. God’s message to them was clear: repent. May we listen to the warnings to Pergamum, and be a church that holds to theology… More

Aug 20 Thyatira / Revelation 2:18-29

Shea Sumlin

The church of Thyatira was a church zealously committed to love and good deeds. Like many Millennial church plants of our day, they excelled in social justice, and serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, extending compassion toward those in need. Yet in time, their love grew without discernment, and… More

Aug 13 Ephesus / Revelation 2:1-7

Shea Sumlin

For 30 years, the church at Ephesus appeared to be excelling on all levels: they were committed to sound doctrine and guarding against false teaching, they sought to do good works in the community around them, they ferociously defended the glory of Christ's name above all other names, and they… More

Aug 6 Sardis / Revelation 3:1-6

Brad Bell

The church at Sardis started well. They had a history of faithfulness to the things of God, but in an effort to just get along with everyone and not offend anybody, they became carless over time. Rather than remaining vigilant and contending for the truth, they became a dead church as they lived off… More

Jul 30 The Raising of Lazarus / John 11:1-44

Dave Hawes

The story of Lazarus shows us how the Bible captures raw human emotion by letting us look through the lens of two hurting and grieving sisters, who love Jesus and know Jesus loves them, but they’re angry, disappointed, frustrated and confused, wondering where Jesus was when their brother died and… More

Jul 23 Healing of the Man Born Blind / John 9:1-41

Shea Sumlin

In one of the most unique miracles recorded in John's account, Jesus heals a man who had been blind from birth. The miracle itself was significant enough, because up to this point there had never been a recorded healing of this kind in all of the Bible. But as powerful as this miracle was, both John… More

Jul 16 Walking on Water / John 6:16-25

Mike Slayden

When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water during the storm, they were afraid, but after recognizing Him, they invited Him into the boat with them. Other Gospel accounts elaborate on further details, but John chooses to leave them out, focusing only on Jesus’ presence with them in the boat… More