The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Nov 12 A Theology of Marriage / Mark 10:1-12; Ephesians 5:31-32

Shea Sumlin

It seems the idea of marriage has become more confusing in our culture than ever before. More and more couples are choosing to avoid marriage altogether because they no longer see any meaning in it. A couple years ago we needed the Supreme Court to weigh in on re-crafting a definition of marriage… More

Nov 5 Deepening / Song of Solomon 7:1-8:14

Brad Bell

There’s an excitement with new relationships, but that’s nothing compared to the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with being with your spouse over time. There’s a richness to the connection when we let the other person change and mature, allowing love to deepen as we move toward intimacy and… More

Oct 29 Conflict / Song of Solomon 5:2-6:13

Brad Bell

Conflict is a part of marriage, and that’s not always a bad thing. If we can learn to handle conflict with our spouse well, we can start to grow together in a way we would not be able to do otherwise. We’ll take a look at how the couple in the text responds when conflict arises and what we can learn… More

Oct 22 Sex and Sexuality / Song of Solomon 3:6-5:1

Brad Bell

God created us as sexual creatures, and He wired us with a longing to express our sexuality. He also designed that expression for the context of marriage. As a culture, we have allowed our sexuality to be an issue of choice rather than design, leading to confusion and various deviations. Yet when a… More

Oct 15 Courtship / Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5

Brad Bell

There is wisdom in rediscovering the issue of courtship – a period where a couple develops a romantic relationship that is moving toward marriage. Intimacy is a natural overflow of communication with each other over time, and the closer you move toward intimacy, the more important clarity becomes… More

Oct 8 Dating / Song of Solomon 1:7-2:7

Brad Bell

Many Christians who date are off the charts as far as emotional and spiritual intimacy, yet they don’t realize emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy are like links in a chain that follow each other closely, so they end up crossing moral boundaries, even when they never intended to. As we… More

Oct 1 Attraction / Song of Solomon 1:1-6

Brad Bell

Most of us tend to be attracted to others based on their physical appearance. But what if that’s not how God actually created us? Biblical attraction is based on character, not looks. Looks don’t last, they can be deceiving, and looks are always canceled out by character. May each of us learn to be… More

Sep 24 Letter to The Well

Brad Bell

As we’ve gone through the letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor in the book of Revelation, we’ve seen real people in real churches with real issues. Giving commendations to those who were doing well in certain areas and reprimanding those who needed to change, the letters brought up concerns… More

Sep 17 Smyrna / Revelation 2:8-11

Mike Cirricione

Smyrna was a wealthy and beautiful city that was very faithful to Rome. While the city was rich, the church at Smyrna was poor, having experienced financial persecution being kicked out of the marketplace by the Roman government for their refusal to worship Caesar. Jesus wrote to commend them on… More

Sep 10 Laodicea / Revelation 3:14-22

Shea Sumlin

Laodicea was a vibrant city in the first century. Much like our own American culture, they were driven by hard work, determination, self-will, and a deep desire for progress, innovation and prosperity. As a result, the city became very wealthy and affluent, and didn’t need anything from anyone… More