The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Nov 3 2019 Cultivate Anniversary Celebration

Brad Bell

The Well is positioned to significantly influence our city, and God has been preparing us for this moment for years. We are poised to reach an entire region with gospel-centered teaching, community engagement, worship, discipleship, equipping, recovery programs, and next generation initiatives. We… More

Oct 27 2019 Cultivate: One Year In

Brad Bell

It has been one year since we introduced Cultivate, our campaign to strengthen this generation and grow the next generation into a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more about what God has already been doing in our church and community, where He is leading us and how you can be… More

Oct 20 2019 State of the Church 2019

Brad Bell

State of the Church 2019 features "A Week in the Life," where you will see what it looks like to be involved at The Well outside of a Sunday or Midweek gathering. We praise God for all He has done and is doing. Pray with us for Him to do even greater things in our city in the years to come. More

Oct 13 2019 For All Who Believe / Matthew 13:44-58

Brad Bell

Throughout the parables Jesus has been telling, He shows the people who will enter the kingdom of heaven. It’s not about being religious or following the law or being Jewish. It’s for those who believe in Him. Yet even after seeing everything He had done and hearing from Him directly, many people… More

Sep 29 2019 The Parable of the Sower / Matthew 13:1-23

Brad Bell

In the Parable of the Sower, we are introduced to people in various heart stages. There are people whose hearts are so hard they immediately reject the Word of God, people whose hearts are receptive to the Lord and who authentically grow in their faith, and there are various gradations in between… More

Sep 22 2019 Whoever Does the Father’s Will / Matthew 12:38-50

Brad Bell

After hearing about and witnessing several miracles He had done, the religious people asked for a sign from Jesus. Time after time, Jesus demonstrated authority and told them who He was, yet they still refused to believe. Jesus confronted both the religious leaders and the generation of people, who… More

Sep 15 2019 Refusing to Believe / Matthew 12:22-37

Mike Slayden

The tension that started with the Pharisees continued to build as Jesus taught. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus completely dismantled their religious system and then performed miracles that authenticated who He said He was. By this point, they were running out of excuses, yet if they acknowledged… More

Sep 8 2019 A Heart of Compassion / Matthew 12:1-21

Brad Bell

The religious people were all about external behaviors and following the law. When Jesus arrived on the scene, He didn’t fit their expectation of the Messiah because He didn’t follow all the same rules. Jesus had a heart of compassion over religious traditions, caring for people enough to heal them… More

Sep 1 2019 Refreshment in His Presence / Matthew 11:20-30

Brad Bell

The religious climate in Jesus’ day was full of legalism, laws, regulations and traditions. But Jesus had another way, inviting people into a life of refreshment in His presence. We were created by God to live in intimacy with God to delight in God and experience His love. In Christ, there is… More