The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Jul 22 Jehu / 2 Chronicles 25

Chris Schultz

As we look at the life of King Jehu, we are going to see a story of a hardened soldier of fortune who obeyed God with his hands but never showed a heart that sought after the Lord. He displayed religious zeal without a humbled heart. He was a professional reformer who lacked a personal reformation… More

Jul 15 Ahab / 1 Kings 21

Mike Cirricione

At first glance, 1 Kings 21 looks like it is a story about a vineyard, but after a closer look we see it’s about much more. The story takes place in a vineyard, but it’s power and greed that ultimately led Ahab to commit an unimaginable injustice against a man named Naboth. God is justice, though… More

Jul 8 Josiah / 2 Kings 22-23 / 2 Chronicles 34

Mike Slayden

Though he became king at age 8, much of Josiah’s early life is unknown. But starting in his mid-20s, he restores the temple, renews the covenant with Israel, and finds the law and reads it to the people, leading them to repentance. After many poor examples before him, we find a glimpse in Scripture… More

Jul 1 Asa / 2 Chronicles 14-16

Josh Hawley

God wants to “strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NASB). King Asa’s life reveals the health of a heart devoted to God and the sickness of a heart hardened to God. More

Jun 24 Hezekiah / 2 Kings 18-20

Mike Cirricione

King Hezekiah is often referred to as the second David for his faithfulness as he ruled Judah. He demolished the idols left over from his father and grandfathers, and led his people to one of the greatest revivals in history. He defeated the mighty Assyrians and conquered death, but pride set in and… More

Jun 17 Monarchy and Divided Kingdom / 1 Samuel 8, 12 / 1 Kings 11

Mike Slayden

Even with the warnings of Samuel that they would regret their decision, the Israelites wanted a king, so the Lord gave them what they asked for. As it had been predicted, their choice brought disaster. There were no good kings in the northern kingdom of Israel, and only a few good ones in the… More

Jun 10 Faithful Leadership / Ephesians 1:22-23 / 1 Timothy 3:1-7 / Titus 1

Brad Bell

This week we continue our education of what active membership at The Well looks like as we explore what members should expect from our leadership. We’ll study biblical authority within the church, what it means to be an elder, how elders are appointed at The Well, and learn how our staff is… More

Jun 3 Church Membership / 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 / Romans 12:4-5

Brad Bell

For us, membership is not about receiving benefits from a denomination for the number of members we have. It’s about the elders knowing who they are responsible for and the pastors knowing who they need to shepherd. This is a holistic attempt to mutually affirm basic orthodox beliefs and say this is… More

May 27 Laboring Well / 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18

Shea Sumlin

Paul’s number one priority was the spread of the gospel, and he asks for prayer that nothing would hinder it. He also speaks to the issue of some of the Thessalonians freeloading off others in the church because they had become idle and quit working. He wanted to make sure they wouldn’t deviate from… More

May 20 Living From the Inside Out / 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

Josh Hawley

In the midst of relentless temptation, intense persecution and false teaching that even led some Thessalonian believers to think God had abandoned them, the Apostle Paul speaks truth about the love and security that was theirs in Christ. And this redemptive hope is for all who have trusted in Jesus… More