The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Jun 25 Healing of the Official's Son / John 4:43-54

Josh Hawley

The second miracle Jesus performed was the healing of a royal official's son from a would-be fatal illness. John recorded this event, where Jesus spoke a word in Cana and the boy was instantly healed 20 miles away in Capernaum. This sign was meant to intentionally and progressively lead them and us… More

Jun 18 Water to Wine / John 2:1-11

Brad Bell

The first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding in Cana. John recorded this event where Jesus turned water into wine as a sign of who He was: someone who would bring joy and abundant life to all who would believe and put their faith in Him. More

Jun 11 The Next Generation / 2 Kings 18:3-20:19

Brad Bell

Hezekiah failed to pass the baton from generation to generation of Israelites, and we learn the importance of not dropping the same baton in our context. Join us as Brad sits down with Jeremy Tullis (Kids Director), Nic Ferguson (Students Director), and Mark Snee (College Director) to discuss… More

Jun 4 Kingdom Generosity / Luke 12:13-34

Brad Bell

God is a generous God and we are made in His image. Nothing we have belongs to us. He owns everything and entrusts us with good things so we may be even more generous and give them away to others. More

May 28 Kingdom Promise / Haggai 2:20-23

Shea Sumlin

In this fourth and final message from Haggai, Zerubbabel receives a very personal word from the Lord, encouraging him with the news that a day is coming when God's Messianic King will overthrow the kingdoms of the world and establish His reign forever – and Zerubbabel will be used in a mighty way to… More

May 21 Kingdom Purity / Haggai 2:10-19

Shea Sumlin

As the people of God once again got back to work on rebuilding the temple, a critical error had crept in unnoticed: the people slowly began to feel that because they were working on something holy, it made them holy and entitled them to God's blessing. So for a third time God sends in His prophet… More

May 14 Kingdom Perspective / Haggai 2:1-9

Shea Sumlin

Only three weeks after God's people had returned to work on the temple, another enemy attacked them and halted their progress of rebuilding, only this time the enemy wasn't an external one, but an internal one: discouragement. Convinced that the present work God called them to would never be as good… More

May 7 Kingdom Priority / Haggai 1:1-15

Shea Sumlin

After 50 years of captivity under Babylonian control, the Israelites were rescued and released by God to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple of God so His glory might be reestablished among the nations. Then persecution set in, and they quit to begin focusing on their own houses. In this… More

Apr 30 A Song of Praise / Exodus 15:1-21

Brad Bell

Chapter 15 of Exodus is a song of praise and celebration. God has shown the Israelites His incredible power and who He is. He is their Lord, their redeemer and faithful, almighty, sovereign God who delivered His people from Egypt. As the people look back on what God did for them, their view of Him… More

Apr 23 He Sets Us Free / Exodus 12:33-14:31

Shea Sumlin

Through a substituted sacrifice (the shed blood of the lamb), God saved and redeemed His people. But as we approach what is arguably the most climactic event of the entire Old Testament (the crossing of the Red Sea), we discover that even though Israel has been freed from one kind of bondage, they… More