The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Sep 13 The Burial of Jesus // Matthew 27:56-66

Brad Bell

The battle Jesus fought is over. When he was hastily anointed and put in the grave, the whole redemptive plan of God was fulfilled and will be affirmed by an empty tomb. More

Sep 6 The Crucifixion // Matthew 27:32-56

Mike Slayden

This week we’ll take a brutally honest look at the crucifixion. In examining this means of torture and death perfected by the Romans, we’ll see that Jesus’ death on the cross was God’s means of satisfying His wrath toward sin. By providing a substitute to take our place, Jesus’ death reconciled a… More

Aug 30 The Roman Trials // Matthew 27:1-31

Brad Bell

The arrest of Jesus quickly sets into motion six unjust trials by the religious elite and the Roman authority. Although the Roman trials paint Pontius Pilate as an ineffectual leader, a closer look at history tells us otherwise. More

Aug 23 The Religious Trials // Matthew 26:57-75

Brad Bell

The arrest of Jesus quickly sets into motion six unjust trials by the religious elite and the Roman authority. The religious trials trigger very different breaking points for Peter and Judas. More

Aug 9 Spiritually Aware // Matthew 26:31-46

Brad Bell

Mere hours from the arrest of Jesus, we see the disciples demonstrate that although they are physically present, they are spiritually unaware. In the garden of Gethsemane, we see Jesus demonstrate the first move to ensure spiritual awareness- prayer. More

Aug 2 The Last Passover // Matthew 26:17-30

Josh Hawley

As Jesus continues His march to the Cross, He leads His disciples in the annual Passover Feast. It is here that Jesus shares with them the shocking news that one of them will betray Him. He also transforms Passover into Communion, revealing that all along God was using the feast to point to Him, the… More

Jul 26 Where is Your Treasure? Matthew 26:1-16

Mike Slayden

In our final series in the Book of Matthew, we take a deep dive into the last days that Jesus spent on this earth as He prepares to fulfill God's ultimate plan for humanity's salvation. On Tuesday evening of Passion Week, we see three groups of people whose hearts are revealed when their "treasure… More

Jul 19 The Return // Matthew 25

Mike Slayden

Jesus has a small group bible study with his disciples concerning eschatology, in what is known as the Olivet Discourse. Regardless of how dark and difficult things get, as surely and literally as He fulfilled the prophecies of His first coming, Jesus will equally fulfill the promises of His second. More

Jul 12 Proclaim the Riches of the Gospel // Matthew 25:14-30

Brad Bell

In the seventh and final parable, the Parable of the Talents, Jesus reminds us that the life of His followers is about faithfulness with what we’ve been given – that the riches of the glory of the gospel, entrusted to us, would be invested into others. And upon His return, He will settle accounts… More