The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Mar 24 Learning From the Early Church / Acts 1-4

Brad Bell

The early church engaged with people in their city in a profound way. They were aware of what people were experiencing and got involved to meet their needs. Since The Well started, God has been gracious to go before us, and we have a history of being involved in the community. Similar to the early… More

Mar 17 Surrendering Our Lives to Him / Matthew 8:14-22

Josh Hawley

Jesus continues His ministry of healing, which confirms His identity as Messiah, gives a glimpse of the Kingdom of God to come, and displays His heart of compassion. He also calls those who would follow Him to consider the cost of doing so. Jesus doesn't call His followers to make commitments based… More

Mar 10 The Leper and the Centurion / Matthew 8:1-13

Mike Slayden

After Jesus finishes the Sermon on the Mount, we begin to see some of the people’s responses to what they heard. The leper knelt before Christ and asked to be healed, fully believing Jesus had the ability to do it if He were willing. And Jesus healed him. We also see the centurion, who approached… More

Mar 3 A Heart That Honors the King / Matthew 7:12-29

Brad Bell

Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has spoken as one who has authority, continually coming back to the heart and pushing on the hypocrisy of people whose internal and external lives don’t match. In this passage, Jesus pushes on those who think they are going to heaven because of the things… More

Feb 24 Our Good Father / Matthew 7:7-11

Mike Slayden

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has continually admonished us to examine our hearts. In this passage, He shows us the heart of our heavenly Father and how much He cares for each of us. We are invited to have a relationship with the God of the universe, and Jesus models that relationship for us… More

Feb 17 Judging Others / Matthew 7:1-6

Brad Bell

Many have taken this passage to mean people should never judge others, and while non-believers are not held to the same standards, believers are called to speak truth in love and judge each other when necessary. What Jesus is speaking against is the hypocrisy of using different standards of judging… More

Feb 10 Anchoring Our Hearts to Him / Matthew 6:25-34

Brad Bell

When our eyes move to the things of this world, our hearts follow. When our hearts begin to drift away from God to the things of this world, anxiety comes because life is unpredictable. In this passage, Jesus is inviting us back into an anchoring with Him at an affection level. When we tether out… More

Feb 3 What Do You Treasure? / Matthew 6:19-24

Pete Hingano

Whatever demands our heart and whatever we desire will be what we are devoted to and ultimately serve. As Christ-followers we like to say we value God, but our actions often say otherwise. Jesus knew this would be a struggle for all who follow Him, so He makes it clear that whatever we treasure, our… More

Jan 27 The Motives of the Heart / Matthew 6:1-18

Mike Slayden

In this passage, Jesus is admonishing His followers to live differently than the religious hypocrites. He teaches about prayer, fasting and giving, and the importance of our hearts being congruent with our actions. Acknowledging that it is possible to outwardly do the right thing with the wrong… More

Jan 20 Living Under the Authority of the King / Matthew 5:38-48

Brad Bell

Jesus continues the Sermon on the Mount, speaking about promises, vengeance and loving our enemies. Throughout the various subjects, He continually points to living under the authority of the King and His kingdom, and willingly seeking the betterment of others, all the while conveying that it’s not… More