The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Nov 20 2016 Reflecting the Beauty of Christ Through Diversity / Colossians 4:7-18

Brad Bell

In the midst of polarization and tension in our world, how do those who claim to be under the banner and headship of Jesus Christ live in a way that reflects His glory and our oneness in Him? Many people, when seeing the list of names in this chapter, tend to skip over the end and move on, but this… More

Nov 13 2016 For the Spread of the Gospel / Colossians 4:2-6

Shea Sumlin

After spending a chapter showing us how Christians are to conduct themselves in their relationships within the household of God, Paul turns his attention to how Christians should conduct themselves toward those outside the household of God. In this important text, we will see the vital link that our… More

Nov 6 2016 Interacting Well With Others / Colossians 3:15-4:1

Brad Bell

Now that we have a new life in Christ that is continually being renewed by Him, what does it look like to live that life, and how does it influence the relationships we have? Paul explains that we need to allow the Word of God to shape the way we think and the way we live, interacting with others in… More

Oct 30 2016 The Character of the True Team / Colossians 3:1-14

DJ Criner

As believers, we have been drafted onto the team of the true King. God took us from our old life and gave us a new one in Christ Jesus. This new team of Christ comes with a different character and different demands. We need to put on the uniform of the new team and identify ourselves with Him… More

Oct 23 2016 Substance Over Shadows / Colossians 2:16-23

Shea Sumlin

After walking the church through the importance of the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ in all things, Paul gives a warning for the church to ensure they guard against any sort of false teaching that would seek to convince them to trade in the fullness of the substance they had received in… More

Oct 16 2016 God Is Still at Work in Us / Colossians 2:6-15

Brad Bell

Paul explains to his readers in this passage that a proper view of Jesus will influence the way they live. A proper understanding of theology will work its way out practically. The gospel didn’t just come into play at a single point in time when we were saved. God is still at work in our lives. We… More

Oct 9 2016 Ministers of the Mystery / Colossians 1:24-2:5

Shea Sumlin

The Apostle Paul expands on the hope that is found in the gospel, as he turns very personal, explaining the nature of his work and his reasons for doing it. Paul was a tent-maker by trade, but that vocation did not define his life or his mission. Paul’s true labor, of which tent-making was a means… More

Oct 2 2016 The Uniqueness of Christ / Colossians 1:15-23

Brad Bell

This section of Scripture gives a strong Christology message, providing us with a better understanding of the uniqueness of Christ, which then gives us a better understanding of the uniqueness and beauty of God. What an incredible God to position Christ in such a way as to be our Redeemer, who would… More

Sep 25 2016 The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ in the World / Colossians 1:1-14

Shea Sumlin

In the first century, the church at Colossae (in modern day Turkey) was under attack from false teachers seeking to persuade them that the person and work of Jesus Christ was neither supreme nor sufficient for their salvation and human flourishing. Being concerned for a flock he had never visited… More

Sep 18 2016 State of the Church 2016

Brad Bell

We are celebrating what God has done this past year and where The Well is following Him next during State of the Church 2016. More