The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Feb 16 Forgiven People Forgive Others | Matthew 18:21-35

Mike Slayden

When asked how often we should forgive others, Jesus delivers a challenging parable about an unrepayable debt. Ultimately, forgiveness isn't about us but rather The One who has already forgiven us all. More

Feb 9 Church Care & Correction | Matthew 18:15-20

Brad Bell

In one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible, Jesus discusses how we as the Body of Christ should pursue one another when we begin to drift away from what is right. Jesus walks us through a process that ultimately shows us that the highest expression of love is not letting them go, but… More

Feb 2 Family Business | Matthew 18

Mike Cirricione

Jesus discusses sin in a community context. In a family, our actions affect others, giving us the ability to either encourage or entrap one another. God wants us to deal with sin and pursue each other the way that he pursues us. More

Jan 26 True Authority | Matthew 17-18

Brad Bell

In three different pericopes, Jesus teaches about true authority and influence. Even though He had the ultimate authority, Jesus laid it all down for the betterment of others. More

Jan 19 Quality vs Quantity of Faith | Matthew 17:14-20

Mike Slayden

After witnessing the transfiguration of Christ, the disciples learn that "re-entry" after a mountain top experience isn't always easy. When they are unable to heal a boy, Jesus uses the opportunity to teach them about true faith. More

Jan 12 Who is Jesus to You? Matthew 17:1-13

Brad Bell

Who is Jesus to you? Having the proper view of Jesus, or Christology, determines how we respond to him. The disciples Christology is expanded at the Transfiguration where they are given a glimpse of Jesus in his majesty. More

Jan 5 The Suffering of Jesus | Matthew 16:21-28

Joe Buitrago

Following up on His question "Who do you say that I am," Jesus foretells His death and resurrection. He then tries to make his disciples understand what true discipleship is. More

Dec 29 2019 Who do you say that I am? Matthew 16

Mike Slayden

Jesus has been preparing his disciples for their ministry after he is gone. The disciples' training has been building to this pivotal moment when Jesus poses an important question. He asks the disciples, asks the Pharisees, and ultimately asks us: Who is Jesus to you? More

Dec 22 2019 The Gift of Hope

Brad Bell

Jesus came to bring hope to the world. We have a holy God who incarnated for a fallen mankind. God, in His grace, in His love, did not leave us as orphans stranded in the depths of our sin. The beauty of the Christmas season is not simply a baby in a manger. It’s Immanuel, God with us. More