Financial FAQ

  • Should I Redirect My General Giving to Cultivate?

    To resource the ministries of the church that are both ongoing and growing, we ask that you consider your Cultivate Commitment a three-year designation of finances above and beyond your general giving or regular tithe.

  • In What Ways Can I Fulfill My Commitment?

    In the Gathering: Drop your gift in one of the giving boxes in the back of the auditorium.

    Visit Click give, and make a one-time or recurring gift from your bank account or credit/debit card. 

    Download the Well Church App: Tap give, and make a one-time or recurring gift from your bank account or credit/debit card.

    Mail: The Well Community Church, Attn: Finance Department, 2044 E. Nees Ave., Fresno, CA 93720.

    To fulfill your commitment through Appreciated Asset Giving or Planned Giving, contact the Finance office.

  • Is My Commitment Confidential?

    All giving to The Well is completely confidential, including your commitment to Cultivate.

  • Can My Commitment Be Changed If Necessary?

    We recognize that financial positions can vary. After much prayer and careful consideration, a decision to either raise or lower your commitment can be made as required. You can contact our Finance office at any time if adjustments are needed.

  • Will I Be Sent a Bill or Giving Reminder for My Commitment?

    We will not send a bill or personal reminder. Rather, we trust you to meet your commitment in a timely manner, and you can view your statement at any time. We will provide campaign updates to the church as a whole by continually telling the stories of people who have been impacted by Cultivate.

  • What Is the Fundraising Goal?

    Financially, we are a healthy, yet underperforming church. The vast majority of the resourcing of our ministries comes from a small group of faithful givers. We had an original fundraising goal of $10 million. Due to the generosity of those who have already participated in Cultivate, our 3-year commitments totaled $9.1 million, just short of our goal. However, the reality of today’s construction climate has pushed costs even higher, leaving us with a larger gap than we anticipated. We are praying that God stirs our affections and awakens generosity in each and every one of us.

  • What Happens in the Event That More or Less of the Outlined Goal Is Funded?

    If funds are given in excess of the needs over the next three years, it will allow us to expand the scope of development during Cultivate and/or reduce the size of our building loan debt. Excess funds may also be used in additional ways that are consistent with our mission statement.

    Cultivate needs to come in at $10 million, or it’s a non-starter. The financial models required to make this happen depend on a minimum commitment from the congregation, and if less is given, it may delay construction until more funds become available.

  • How Much Debt Will We Be Taking On?

    We are very fortunate to have a great working relationship with our bank. The combination of God's faithfulness and the generosity of our church body, matched with conservative financial decisions of our elders, have put The Well in a strong financial position, owning two campuses with no debt, and in a healthy cash position.

    Our current financial position and value of our assets would allow for the bank to lend to us at a high level. However, we recognize that raising our debt simply because a high level of borrowing capacity is available may not be the wisest choice. Our elders and bank advisors understand that the higher our debt load, the more constrained our ministries could become.

    To prevent constraint on our ministries and keep the debt payoff timeline as short as possible, we will only acquire as much debt as is needed to complete the project, retaining proper debt repayment reserves without exceeding conservative debt repayment guidelines.

    In conjunction with fighting diligently to keep costs down, we are also praying for God to provide more than the $10 million in fundraising expected from Cultivate. If the fundraising number is higher than $10 million, that will enable us to take on less debt.

    Regardless of the amount, we will work diligently to pay off debt and free up resources for the ongoing work of the ministry as quickly as possible.

    The completion of Cultivate will trigger relocation of the entire North Campus, allowing for the sale of the current property, further lowering the financing need. The bank financing we have secured has no prepayment penalties and is structured in such a way as to further incentivize us toward a quick repayment.

  • Why Do I Submit a Commitment Card?

    Receiving a commitment card helps in planning for construction, securing financing as needed (because lenders value knowing the depth of commitment of those in the church), and in projecting cash flow for the duration of the project.

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