The Well Community Church

Academy Semester Topic:

New Testament Books

This class will guide you thoughtfully through the New Testament Books of the Bible (Matthew – Revelation) in a way that helps you understand the unique contribution of each of these books. As a student, you will see how these books relate to us today and how they are related to the culture of their day. You will see why these books are so important in understanding the “church” mission and purpose. For instance, these books will address, among other things:

  1. Why do we have four separate accounts of the life of Jesus, and how are each important?
  2. How did the church begin, and how is it different from the nation of Israel?
  3. Why does the church exist, and how was it designed to function?
  4. What were the cultures and customs of that day that help us understand these books?
  5. Who were the various authors of these books, and how did they relate with one another?
  6. What issues did the early church face, that are similar to and different from us today?
  7. What was “church” like in the early days, how is it different today, and why?
  8. How did the early church face social injustice, immoral government, and prejudice?
  9. What does the future of mankind look like, and why?