The Well Community Church

Romans Feed Series

God’s Sovereign Choice / Romans 9:1-33

November 30, 2014

Did God choose you or did you choose God? The answer is a frustrating yes. The Bible seems to teach both sides of this conundrum and does not apologize for the perceived contradiction. Depending on the text of Scripture we explore, the issue can be articulated from both sides. Our responsibility as people of the Book is to accurately explain each passage we encounter with a faithfulness to the text. Romans 9 has caused a stir in the faith community for centuries. In these verses Paul explains the concept of God’s sovereign electing purposes and clearly communicates Gods initiative in our salvation. Though our personal decision is certainly a part of the process, it is a much smaller part than we may have once believed. In fact our personal responsibility is shadowed by the sovereign electing purposes of God. This chapter expands our view of God and brings to our attention His initiative on our behalf from before the foundations of the world.