The Well Community Church


A Network of Church Planters and Churches

Edah is a collaborative network of church planters and churches with a common vision.

To be and make disciples where we live, believing the church can rise up in every neighborhood and the gospel can impact our cities for Christ.

There is an uprising of churches hungry for innovation and intentionality. These churches are pursuing healthy culture above record attendance, investing in sound biblical teaching rather than bigger buildings, and equipping the saints to do God’s work where they live, work and play.

Edah is empowering these believers to corporately gather in worship and fellowship with others, wherever in the world that might be. Edah offers tactical training, expert coaching, and proven strategies – strategies that have helped launch multiple church campuses and successful non-profit organizations. Offering the best practices of leading churches, Edah encourages you to be culturally relevant, to think innovatively, to intentionally influence your city for Christ, and to use a team approach to ministry. In addition to these ideals, you are equipped with biblically sound sermon podcasts, curriculum, and immersion workshops.

To be a part of the movement, submit an application.

In 2002, The Well Community Church recognized an organic movement of people beyond a church building, and they named these places of gathering Edah, the Hebrew word for community.

Now an equipping, multi-site church, The Well launches a network of the same name. And the vision of Edah is inspired by their long-standing mission statement: Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood.


    To include All Access and Sermons


    To include All Access, Sermons, Curriculum, Church Support, Media

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