The Well Community Church

Other Services

Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

The Well Fig Garden Campus hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions. For facility availability, contact our Wedding and Event Coordinator at Facility rentals include a wedding coordinator, an audio/video technician and basic janitorial services.

To begin the process, download the Wedding Packet (108KB PDF) and email it to

Pastoral Officiating Request and Premarital Mentoring

We place a high value on healthy marriages. Therefore, Premarital Mentoring is required if you would like to be married by a Well pastor or at a Well campus. It covers topics such as marriage roles, healthy conflict, finances, expectations and intimacy. We recommend couples start Premarital Mentoring at least 6 months out from the wedding date. See our policy.

If you wish to be married by a Well pastor, contact

Premarital Mentoring Only

If you choose to use an outside pastor or facility, you may still participate in Premarital Mentoring. See our policy.

To participate in Premarital Mentoring, contact