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Feb 26 2018 What You Need to Know Before Talking About Race Part 1

Andrew Feil

The Importance of Discovering Your Own Ethnic Identity When you think about the “normal American,” what image comes into your mind? Who is a stereotypical American? What age are they? What gender? What size, hair or eye color? What language do they speak? What race are they? If you are a white… More

Jan 29 2018 An Open Letter to Pornography

Jennifer De La Cruz

Dear Pornography, I never personally knew you – it was my husband who introduced usFirst in a Fitness magazine, then in the rejection of my touchI always smelled your stenchMy own hands released the buttons of my wedding gownAn occasion meant for the fingers of my groomThat hotel pillow was not… More

Dec 11 2017 Porn Is Not Your Issue; It's Your Solution

Dave Obwald

I’m not sure how many times I have had this same conversation. A guy says, “Hey, I need to meet up with you,” and after a few minutes of awkward chitchat, something to this effect comes out: “Dave, I love God but I can’t stop looking at pornography.” First I smile inside because I know change is… More

Oct 23 2017 The Courting Game - Extended

The Well Video Team

Which couple knows each other the best? Stay tuned to this extended version of The Courting Game to find out. More

Oct 12 2017 Know Thy Neighbor

The Community Life Team

Our mission statement is: Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood. God wants to use your life to bring others to a fuller understanding of Him. You cross paths with people every day where you live, work and play, and God has uniquely created you and placed you to be… More

Oct 9 2017 How a Guy Gets Ready for a Date

Brad Bell

How many ladies out there had a guy in your life at some point who wrote you a note or gave you a card and you kept it? Probably most of you. Now the same question to the guys. There may be a few who kept something. No shame. But it’s probably very few. Men and women just deal with relationships… More

Oct 1 2017 Attraction: Blind Date

The Well Video Team

A couple meets for the first time on a blind date. What will they think of each other? You'll have to watch to find out. More

Jul 27 2017 Lessons Learned From Guatemala


Hello Church Family! Our trip here in Guatemala has been nothing short of fabulous, humbling and redemptive. My eyes and ears have been on overload since we began this journey here in Guatemala, and there is so much to process that it cannot all be explained in a simple blog. I am involved in the… More

Jun 20 2017 Stories of Our People: Eric Lewellen

The Well Video Team

Getting everything you’ve ever wanted doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will. When we seek to attain things the world offers, such as wealth, power or celebrity, we can miss out on the joy God has for us. Sometimes turning your life upside down, like Eric did, brings a fulfillment in… More