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Cultivate Stories

Jan 29 January Cultivate Update

Brad Bell

Thanks to your prayers and generosity in giving to Cultivate, the renovation at the Fig Garden Campus is in progress and escrow has closed on the Smittcamp property, which is now the future home of the North Campus. These resources will be used to reach people in every neighborhood across our city… More

Dec 23 2018 Fig Garden Renovation Dedication

Communications Team

Thanks to Cultivate and your gifts thus far, renovation at the Fig Garden Campus is underway. On Sunday, December 16, we dedicated the new kids’ facilities by writing Scriptures and notes on the exposed studs as an act of worship. More

Nov 26 2018 Cultivate Celebration Photos

Communications Team

What a great time we had gathering together in one location for the Cultivate Celebration, October 21, to worship God through music, prayer and with our finances! More

Nov 15 2018 Cultivate Celebration Event Recap

Communications Team

We had an amazing time kicking off Cultivate at the Celebration Event on October 21. With people from both campuses joining together as one church, we worshiped the Lord, praised Him for what He is doing in our city, and enjoyed each other's company over some yummy food and fun. More

Oct 21 2018 Cultivate Celebration Stories

Communications Team

God is doing some amazing work in our community, strengthening this generation as they reach out and pour into the next. These are just a few stories of how He is using The Well and our Cultivate campaign in the larger story He is writing. More

Oct 9 2018 Eric's Story

Communications Team

Getting everything you’ve ever wanted doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will. When we seek to attain things the world offers, such as wealth, power or celebrity, we can miss out on the joy God has for us. Sometimes turning your life upside down, like Eric did, brings a fulfillment in… More

Oct 7 2018 Mark Ford

Communications Team

Mark is an owner of one of the largest food distribution centers in the Central Valley. God's been showing him how we as Christians should be living as distribution centers rather than warehouses. More

Sep 23 2018 Local Extended Family: Street Saints

Communications Team

For 20 years Brian King has been providing a safe place for kids to hang out, learn and have a hot meal in one of the roughest areas of Fresno. The Well has a long relationship with Brian and has been blessed to come alongside Street Saints as they point hundreds of kids each day to Jesus through… More

Sep 23 2018 Neighborhood Church

Communications Team

Pastor Joe White has planted himself in the heart of the Jackson Neighborhood, and he has seen the fruit of what it looks like when we do as Jesus commanded us to simply love our neighbor. The Well is thrilled to bring some of our First Fruit to Pastor Joe as he intends to use those funds to help… More

Sep 23 2018 First Fruit Partner: Pregnancy Care Center

Communications Team

The Pregnancy Care Center has been providing no-cost limited medical care to expectant mothers across the Valley. The Well has believed in their life-giving and gospel-centered work for years and is thrilled to give some of Cultivate's First Fruit to help further their work in the Tower District. More