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May 7 Meltdown on Aisle Four

Shaina Hough

Treasure each moment. Make every day count. They’ll be gone before you know it. If you’ve ever encountered a sweet old lady in Target, no doubt you’ll have heard these sentiments. And while they may be well-meaning, more often than not these wise sages dispensing platitudes fill us worn out momma’s… More

Apr 29 Don't Miss It

Shaina Hough

Don’t Miss It Don’t miss it. Easier said than done. There are days I wish I could miss it. Days when my sweet babies, my most precious God-given possessions, do nothing but frustrate, irritate and drive me up the wall, or at least to a locked bathroom. And let’s be real, us momma’s know that it’s a… More

Apr 29 The Well Presents Visionary Parenting

Kids Ministry

Parents, YOU are the most influential person in your children’s lives. Your home is the primary environment where faith and character are formed and shaped. Deuteronomy 6:5-7 says, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words… More

Apr 27 415 Friday Hangz

Alfonso Moreno

415 is going virtual! We miss your kids and wanted to create a safe space for them to connect with their leaders and their peers as we shelter-in-place. This Friday, May 1st, we will host an online youth group experience for all 4th and 5th grade students! We will continue to host these events every… More

Apr 22 2011-11-09 Visionary Parenting - Session 6

The Well Video Team

Visionary Parenting Conference Session Session 6- Helping Families Navigate The World of LGBTQ Dr. Rob Reinow dives deep into scripture to discuss how, as Christians, we can have a ministry of compassion towards family members who are struggling with sexuality while at the same time being a… More

Apr 16 2011-11-09 Visionary Parenting - Session 5

The Well Video Team

D. Rob Reinow covers parenting your teenager in this hour long session. He goes over the 5 common reasons for spiritual apathy in teenagers, and how to combat those issues with truth and grace as you guide your teenager through those formative years between childhood and adulthood. More

Apr 12 2011-11-09 Visionary Parenting - Session 4

The Well Video Team

Dr. Rob Rienow explains how the family is Gods primary vehicle for the discipleship of children and how family worship is the engine that powers that vehicle. Rob talks about the importance of family worship and what it can do for a family. He also talks about the how and gives some practical things… More

Apr 1 2011-11-09 Visionary Parenting - Session 3

The Well Video Team

This Session is focused on the Christian Vision for raising siblings. Dr. Rob Rienow breaks down the importance of praying as a family for God to show siblings how they can advance His Kingdom together. Primarily for siblings to learn how to serve together for a shared purpose, to serve Jesus… More

Mar 23 2011-11-08 Visionary Parenting - Session 2

The Well Video Team

Part 2 of Visionary Parenting Conference at The Well Community Church In this session, Dr. Rob Reinow helps us to connect Old Testament and New Testament as one unified story. He looks at God’s heart and purpose for the family, and the parents role as the main disciple maker for the home through… More

Mar 19 415 Church at Home

Kids Ministry

Story and Worship Preteen Video Experience Worship Song Worship song leader's Response leader response to the lesson Parent Guide Preteen Parent Guide God Time Downloadable devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentation. Preteen More