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May 23 415 Splash 2019

Kids Ministry

Summer is almost here and with it our 415 Splash events! What better way to get to know all our new 415’ers than a pool party hosted by some of our own 415 families?! Now Splash isn’t just about fun, and trust me, there will be lots of fun, but it’s a chance for our 415 community to grow closer… More

Apr 18 415 Broomball 2019

Kids Ministry

What do you think of when you hear the word broomball? Is it missing teeth? Straw brooms better suited for a fairy tale witch than ice? Penalty boxes? Large men slamming each other into glass walls? Aside from the witches, you might have broomball confused with hockey, a common misconception that we… More

Mar 20 Irreplaceable

Jennifer Cardillo & Beth Warkentin

You’ve heard it said, “An eye cannot say to a hand, I don’t need you.” I say an able person cannot say to a disabled person, I don’t need you. For we are all one body with many parts. If the whole body was an eye, where would the sense of touch be? If the whole body had the same IQ, where would the… More

Feb 22 Wagon Train 2019

Kids Ministry

Wagontrain is now full. To be added to the waitlist for camp, click here. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS OPEN ON MARCH 4TH AT 7AM Funds for scholarships are extremely limited. This is not a discount, please only apply if your student can not attend camp without financial assistance. To apply for the… More

Feb 11 Cardboard Throwdown 2019

Kids Ministry

Cardboard Throwdown is back and better than ever! Wait a minute, I know what some of you are thinking. We did that…once. Isn’t it “like us” to never do it again? Well, Susan, part of growing up is learning that it’s okay to do something more than once. I dare say, people even like it. We just… More

Feb 7 Eat This Book Challenge

Kids Ministry

Congratulations! Addysen Conner, jack Garvin, and Tessa Zook! Walk through the New Testament a spoonful of scripture at a time with the Eat This Book Challenge! We want kids everywhere to be captivated by God’s incredible love for them and fall even deeper in love with Jesus as they discover just… More

Jan 28 Duck, Duck School Part 5

Emily Howard

An Elementary Education in Empathy “She doesn’t laugh at me,” Keeley complained after school one day last year during the first few weeks of kindergarten. “I say things that are funny, but she doesn’t laugh at me.” “Well, not everyone needs to think you are funny.” I thought I would zero in on the… More

Jan 22 415 Dodgeball Tournament 2019 Highlights

Communications Team

Our fourth and fifth graders enjoyed pizza, played games, won prizes, and had tons of fun at our 415 Dodgeball Tournament, January 11. We can't wait for the next event! More

Jun 26 2018 Summerpalooza 2018 (Fig Garden Campus)

Kids Ministry

We had so much fun at Summerpalooza VBS this year! From getting soaked to doing crafts to learning Bible stories to getting to know each other in our small groups, we didn't want it to end. More

Jun 26 2018 Summerpalooza 2018 (North Campus)

Kids Ministry

Summerpalooza VBS is some serious business. This year at the North Campus we had so much fun playing games, getting hit by water balloons, making friends and memorizing Bible verses. We are amped for next year already! More