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Dec 12 415 Dodgeball 2019

Posted by Kids Ministry

Red playground ball. Circle on the blacktop. More aggression than any small child should be able to muster. Pain. Ring a bell? Dodgeball. For many, this word inspires fear and trembling. Memories long forgotten of red cheeks, skinned knees and that one-of-a-kind sound that is only made when a… More

Dec 10 Christmas 2018 Multi Generational Worship

Posted by Kids Ministry

Hey families! Here at The Well, we lift our voices in praise in each and every age group. From toddlers to adults, one way we worship is through song. On December 23rd we will be singing praises to the Lord TOGETHER as we celebrate the birth of Christ! Our 3 year olds all the way to 5th grade… More

Nov 15 Advent 2018

Posted by Kids Ministry

What is Advent? Advent is the best time of the year! Derived from the Latin word adventus, it most simply means “coming.” Advent is the season where we anticipate the coming of Christ and God’s redemption plan for His people set in motion. This year we’d like to give you the opportunity to walk… More

Jun 26 Summerpalooza 2018 (Fig Garden Campus)

Posted by Kids Ministry

We had so much fun at Summerpalooza VBS this year! From getting soaked to doing crafts to learning Bible stories to getting to know each other in our small groups, we didn't want it to end. More

Jun 26 Summerpalooza 2018 (North Campus)

Posted by Kids Ministry

Summerpalooza VBS is some serious business. This year at the North Campus we had so much fun playing games, getting hit by water balloons, making friends and memorizing Bible verses. We are amped for next year already! More

May 22 2017 Duck, Duck School Part 4

Posted by Emily Howard

The number of things children will take from their school experiences is insurmountable. Even in my memory I can think back to every grade, every classroom, each teacher's quirks and systems. In addition to the education, I took with me hard-learned lessons in friendships. I took sparks of interest… More

Mar 27 2017 Following the Call Part 5: Mounds of Paperwork

Posted by BaCall Burns

Devastated. That is how I felt after finding out we would have to wait a quarter of a year to take the classes we needed to move forward with adopting. I was under the impression that we had to take the classes before we could begin the process of becoming certified to foster and adopt. Never have… More

Feb 2 2017 Following the Call Part 4: Applications and Orientations

Posted by BaCall Burns

I hate unfinished things. I think I might have mentioned that before. It’s this weird feeling I have, like things aren’t real until they are actually complete. I can’t get excited about going to Disneyland until I am standing in the park. I can’t believe I am going on an international adventure… More

Jan 26 2017 Worship and Creation

Posted by Viv Donat

Participating in kids worship is one of many highlights for me as a volunteer. As we gathered in large group two weeks ago with kinders through fourth graders, kids sang it out to “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes, and it was an over-the-top moment I will never forget. Our room was filled with little ones… More

Jan 23 2017 Literacy Mentoring Video

Posted by The Well Video Team

Literacy is a major issue in our city, where countless kids cannot read at their grade level. Hear stories of our people who have walked through it, and learn what you can do to be a part of the solution. Become a Literacy Mentor. More