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415 Dodgeball Tournament

Posted October 19 Kids Ministry

Throw, throw, throw, your ball,
Directly at your friend,
Hopefully they won’t catch it,
Or your turn will end.The sidelines will fill with faces,
Balls will hit their mark,
A competitive spirit is a must,
But please no pre-teen snark.The tournament will come to end,
A winner will be crowned,
Balls will no longer need dodged,
And pizza will abound!

Here are the Details:
  • Date:
    • Friday, November 13th
  • Time:
    • 5-8pm
  • Location:
    • The Well North Campus
  • What:
    • 415 Dodgeball Tournament!
  • What's Included:
    • Friends, Fun, Food, Competition, Jesus, Sweat, Flying Balls, Cheering!
  • Who's Invited:
    • All 4th and 5th grade students! This is an outreach event, we encourage your student to bring friends! More friends, more fun!
  • Cost:
    • This is a free event.