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Partnering With Parents

Posted November 19, 2016 Jeremy Tullis

Partnering With Parents

Think about the greatest adventure you have ever been on. What made it so memorable? For most of us, we would describe a great adventure using words like anticipation, surprise, anxiety, fear, curiosity, extreme, life-changing, intense, risky, exciting, unexpected or daring. These would all be accurate, but I like to think of an adventure as a journey filled with wonder and discovery, fueled by passion.

When I think of the greatest adventure a child can ever embark on, I think of their journey of inviting Jesus Christ to be the Savior and Lord of their life. Here at The Well Community Church, we long to see families engage in such an adventure together, while allowing us the opportunity to partner with them on their spiritual exploration.

This call to partner with families stems from the biblical mandate for how we are to pass down generational faith. It centers on parents understanding their biblical role in the spiritual development process of their children, as clearly stated in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Parents are gifted 3000 hours of influence yearly, and our role as the church is to walk alongside parents in order to encourage, empower and equip them for the call God has given them to disciple their children. Our mission is simply to “partner with parents in helping their kids connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood.”

We believe strongly the best way for the church to maximize our 40 hours of influence a year on these children is to steer and guide parents to help advance their kids’ hearts toward the heart of Christ. We recognize that true life change happens best in relationships rather than rows. This is why we place such a high value on inviting volunteers with a heart for the next generation to serve in our Kids Ministry as Life Group leaders.

Our heart is to be an outside and trusted voice that reinforces the spiritual development happening weekly in each child’s home, which is why we have chosen to use Orange’s First Look curriculum for preschool and 252 Basics for elementary.

Our team is excited for the amazing future that awaits each and every family who calls The Well home. Prepare for an adventure that will help you guide your child to discover who Jesus is and how to connect to Him, help deepen their wonder and excitement of growing in their relationship with God and other believers, and fuel a passion to live for Christ and impact their neighbors.