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Posted May 20, 2011 The Well Staff

516516 is our fifth and sixth grade ministry, part of our Well Student Ministries (WSM).

AcademyAcademy is a six-semester course designed to equip believers and enable them to effectively explain what they believe.

The Anatomy of a Disciple (AOD) – The Anatomy of a Disciple ministry is designed to help a believer discover the process of becoming a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Bucket (September 2009 - January 2013) – The Bucket is a fun news video meant to inform the church body of upcoming events and things they need to know.

Cafe Edah – Our cafe area at each campus. Edah means Community or Assembly in Hebrew.

Campus Pastor – A face for the place, who shepherds the people who attend each campus.

Directional Leader – What may be called a Senior Pastor or Lead Pastor at other churches. This distinction is intentional because we consider our pastoral staff to be a team, not a hierarchy.

Discovery (Disco) – Discovery is a class offered throughout the year, and is the first step to move from guest to family at The Well. You will learn who The Well is, what we believe and where you can get involved. It is a requirement for leadership.

Edah Network – Our network of church planters and church plants. Edah means Community or Assembly in Hebrew.

Home Church – Occasionally we cancel our Sunday and Midweek gatherings and encourage you to be intentionally missional in your neighborhood by spending time building relationships with your family, friends and neighbors during a time you would normally attend a service.

Info Card – Available online and at all campuses for you to update your info, make requests or get connected.

Info Hub (iHub) – The place on your campus to get any information you may need.

Internship – Our Internship program is designed to provide hands-on experience and exposure to the inner workings of The Well.

Kids Co (Kids Connection) – Kids Co is our children's ministry for kids from birth through fourth grade.

Life GroupsLife Groups are small groups that meet in homes or other places for the purpose of developing a family and growing spiritually.

Link – The team that will help you get connected to join a Life Group or serve on a Ministry Team. They are available at the Info Hub at each campus if you have any questions.

Ministry Teams – A group of people gathered together to serve. Some teams are campus-specific and others have teams at all campuses.

Multi-Site – Being multi-site means we are one church in multiple locations. Each location, or campus, has its own Campus Pastor and live worship. The message may be live or video.

Reading Plan (Life Journal Bookmark) – A reading plan to help you read through your entire Bible every two years.

ResidencyResidency is a 10-month seminary-level learning experience aimed at growing aspiring leaders toward a better understanding of Bible, theology, leadership, character development and servanthood.

Spiritual Formation – The goal of spiritual formation is to make disciples: followers of Christ who are intentionally becoming more like Him. See also The Anatomy of a Disciple.

State of the Church (SOTC) – A service that occurs once a year for the purpose of casting vision for the upcoming ministry year.

Well Student Ministry (WSM) – Our 516, middle school and high school ministries.

Your Unique Design (YUD) – Your Unique Design is a tool we use in Discovery and with our teams to help people understand their personalities and gifting.