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Oct 16 NEW MUSIC RELEASE: Affections (Live) EP

Well Music

We are beyond excited for the release of our newest record!! “Affections” is a live recording from our first Worship Night of 2019. Recorded live at our North Campus, this 3 song EP not only gives a glimpse into the atmosphere of the night but has beautifully captured the voice of our church. Here… More

May 15 School of Worship Camp 2019

Chase McCall

At The Well Music, we are all about equipping the next generation. We have created an opportunity for all those going into sixth grade through graduating seniors to be a part of the first ever School of Worship camp! If you are a beginner at guitar, bass drums, keys or vocals, or relatively… More

Aug 17 2016 New Music Release: Communal Vol. 1 by The Well Music

The Well Music

The Well Music is proud to present our first full-length album: Communal Vol. 1. This latest release gives listeners a sonic taste of the various bands that serve our church, as well as some of the songs we sing when we gather. Though stylistically diverse, these bands are theologically unified as… More

Mar 28 2016 Worship Is Ultimate Enjoyment

Grace Kane

I have now been a worship leader for half of my life, which isn’t as profound as it sounds since I am only 16. Nonetheless, worship has defined much of my life to this point, especially worship through music. Much of the Western church has taken the word worship and put it in the box of “worship… More

Feb 29 2016 New Music Release: Psalm 66, You Are Great (Feat. The Lovely) by The Well Music

Chris Howard

The Well Music is proud to present “Psalm 66 (You Are Great)” featuring The Lovely, a band from The Well Community Church in Fresno, CA. God made a promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 that in him “all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” This was ultimately a promise to every one of us who are… More

Jan 5 2016 The Usefulness of Pride

Sam Hart

Pride is familiar to me, like an old friend. As a worship pastor, I admit regular platform leadership can be challenging, not only in terms of craft, but also regarding the motives and intentions of the heart. In the course of a year, some of us lead hundreds of services, standing before thousands… More