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Posted October 15, 2015 by The Well Music

One of the things that makes The Well such a special place is we have a high value of working in team. Individually, our productivity, creativity and morale would pale in comparison to working as a team. Here is a chance to get to know The Well Music team better.

Chase McCall

Chase is the worship pastor at our Midweek and North PM gatherings. He married way up to his beautiful wife Danica in 2011, and they have an extremely cute son named Laken. Chase is passionate about developing the next generation of worship leaders and finding practical and creative ways to engage people in worship, breaking the typical stereotype of church. God brought the McCalls to The Well in January of 2015 when they heard about the incredible things God was doing and jumped on board, eager to be a part of it. Seriously though, his kid is legit cute.

Chris Howard

Chris is the worship pastor at our Fig Garden and Southeast gatherings, and has been serving at The Well since January of 2015. His eclectic taste in music matches his personality. Chris has been married to his beautiful wife Emily since 2007, and they have two kiddos together, named Keeley and Isaac. The rasp in Chris’ voice has been brought to you by a combination of incorrect vocal production and the Central Valley’s fine air quality.

Samantha Ruelas

Most musicians by nature are not organized or structured (feel free to roll your eyes in agreement). Although that may not be true for all our musicians, Samantha’s role as the Worship Admin is to take care of that stuff to free up the worship pastors’ and team members’ creative minds. When she’s not managing calendars, scheduling bands and whatnot, she’s busy at home with hubby Michael and her three kiddos, Chloe Jo, Maddie and Oliver. She’s been around The Well since 2007 and enjoys expressing her own creative talent, using everything from a laptop to power tools.