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Nov 25 2015 Shepherding People: Becoming Fathers

Posted by Chris Howard

With the recent birth of our second child, I feel I am fully immersed into fatherhood. Not that I was any less of a father with one kiddo, but two kiddos feels like parenting is ALL my wife and I do. I’m sure those with three or more children feel I’ve only scratched the surface. But why do I feel… More

Nov 24 2015 The Well Music's North Star

Posted by Sam Hart

How The Well's Mission Guides Our Method Imagine a road trip without a destination. Don’t get me wrong. It could be fun. I’m sure you would get some good Instagrams out of it or maybe a few status updates. You might even be able to make some magical memories. But besides the fun you had on your… More

Nov 23 2015 Episode 4: Volume

Posted by The Well Music

Human beings naturally get louder as we get more excited. But how does this inform the way we gather together in corporate worship and what does the bible say regarding volume? Listen in as we talk it through. More

Nov 20 2015 New Music Release: I Surrender All (Feat. The Overcomers) by The Well Music

Posted by Chris Howard

The Well Music is excited to offer “I Surrender All” featuring The Overcomers, who combine traditional hymns and spoken word together to form a type of modern-day liturgy. In “I Surrender All,” Christin Hart sings a prayer to give our all to Jesus, while rapper Troy McComas presents the struggle to… More

Nov 16 2015 Episode 3: Why We Sing

Posted by The Well Music

From Genesis to Revelation, and everywhere in between, singing will always take place in the lives of the children of God. But why? Why would God include singing in the bible with such frequency and importance? Listen in to find out. More

Nov 10 2015 How Do You Smell?

Posted by Chris Howard

If you are a human being, there are two things you can be certain of: You will die. You are stinky. It’s part of what makes you human. If you don’t believe me, try not taking a shower for a week, and ask those around you to evaluate your aroma. I’m sure the results would be disagreeable. In a… More