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Nov 16 2015 Episode 3: Why We Sing

The Well Music

From Genesis to Revelation, and everywhere in between, singing will always take place in the lives of the children of God. But why? Why would God include singing in the bible with such frequency and importance? Listen in to find out. More

Nov 10 2015 How Do You Smell?

Chris Howard

If you are a human being, there are two things you can be certain of: You will die. You are stinky. It’s part of what makes you human. If you don’t believe me, try not taking a shower for a week, and ask those around you to evaluate your aroma. I’m sure the results would be disagreeable. In a… More

Oct 30 2015 Episode 2: God's Favorite Music Style

The Well Music

Is Christian music supposed to be a style? Does God enjoy a particular sound over others? Does music have to sound a certain way to be worshipful? Listen in to find out. Sowing Season - Made Alive The Well Music Blog - God's Favorite Music Style More

Oct 29 2015 The Well Music From 30,000 Feet

Sam Hart

My wife and I LOVE to travel. Road trips, plane trips, vacations in the mountains or on the coast, you name it. One of my favorite things while traveling by plane is to settle into a window seat and gaze at the world spread out below as we fly miles above the earth’s surface. There’s nothing like it… More

Oct 20 2015 New Music Release: Made Alive (Feat. Sowing Season) by The Well Music

Chase McCall

The Well Music is excited to release a new version of the song “Made Alive” featuring one of our bands, Sowing Season. “Made Alive” celebrates a biblical promise to all believers. Paul wrote about it in Ephesians 2:4-5, saying, “God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved… More

Oct 19 2015 The Cathedral Within

Sam Hart

People throughout the ages have called it many things: cathedral, sanctuary, garden, prayer closet. It’s not a physical place, per se. It’s that inner place where our souls commune with God as we step beyond this place in time and into a spiritual dimension. We are humbled as the inventor of… More

Oct 18 2015 The Well Disctinctives

Scott Carolan

Kids pick up the craziest things in kindergarten. They truly are like sponges. The other day I was doing some work around the house when I heard my 6-year-old son say something inappropriate that he had overheard while at school. He did not necessarily know it was wrong when he said it, so we had to… More