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Oct 13 2015 The Well Music

Posted by The Well Music

True worship happens inside each of us and then moves outward. The Well Music is about helping you focus on the heart of worship as you encounter the Father every day. Through music, we are here to equip you to be a true worshiper. More

Oct 12 2015 The Well Music Onboarding Process

Posted by Chase McCall

As Well Music continues to grow, we are always thrilled about the opportunity to add members to our team and help them connect. Here are a few key elements to our current onboarding process. Join The first step is to express interest in joining the team. There are a few ways to do so; you can fill… More

Oct 9 2015 The Four Values of the Well

Posted by Jerrod Rumley

When you ask anyone, any business, or any church, what their values are, you are likely to get a short, fumbled answer or a long, robust definition. Values are often ideal but rarely practical. Here at The Well, we have time-tested values for our staff and leadership that have proven both ideal and… More

Apr 17 2014 His Victory

Posted by The Well Worship

Purchase His Victory from Missional Music to benefit the hill tribes of Thailand. Much of the modern hymnal today focuses on the crucifixion of Jesus but never addresses what happened next. Without the resurrection of Christ, we would be a people of hopelessness to be most pitied among men. However… More

Feb 5 2014 Heavenly Places

Posted by The Well Worship

A song written for the Love First Love series to point our hearts and minds to who God says we are. Lyrics Verse 1Broken all was broken in usOn the cross and at great costYou did something about it Verse 2Chosen you have chosen usIn great love You destined usTo be free and not doubt it… More

Dec 17 2013 Away (In a Manger)

Posted by The Well Worship

We wanted to take a familiar Christmas hymn and keep it sing-able for a corporate environment while making it rock a little. But ultimately we wanted to bring it back to the gospel. Jesus wasn't born so we could think, "How cute: a baby to go with our holiday decorations." He was born to rescue us… More

Jan 2 2013 Bring Me Peace

Posted by The Well Worship

In a season that can be stressful, restless, and even lonely, the latest Well Worship song release, “Bring Me Peace,” delivers a timely message. So much busyness and noise can consume our lives and distract us from focusing on the Lord. As Paul prayed for the Thessalonian church, we too pray that… More

Jul 18 2012 Free Download: No Greater Love

Posted by The Well Worship

The Well Worship’s latest song release reminds us that God chose us: (1) while we were His enemies (Romans 5:9-11), (2) even though we are the foolish, lowly, and despised (1 Corinthians 1:27-31), and (3) purely out of grace (Ephesians 2:8-9), so that we can boast in Him—and Him alone. We pray that… More

Mar 14 2012 Free Download: All Glory

Posted by The Well Worship

Photo credit: Tangie Sheets In keeping with the theme of unity in the Church, The Well Worship’s latest song release reminds us why we as the church gather together each week. When we worship as one, our responsibility as believers is to declare His “worth-ship.” Philippians 2:9-11 reminds us that… More

Feb 1 2012 Free Download: Invitation

Posted by The Well Worship

When examining 1 Corinthians 1:1-2, we can’t help but notice Paul’s use of the word “called.” Upon further study we discovered the Greek word Paul uses here is “Kletos” which means to be “invited” -- literally to a banquet. As we wrestle with what this means for us, one thing keeps coming up: it is… More