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WSM COVID-19 Parent Update

Posted March 17 Jordan Hogue

I’m sure that you are getting a lot of communication on what every organization and company that you are involved with is doing to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). On Sunday, March 15th, the entire leadership of The Well met together and deliberated on what would be the most socially responsible and loving towards our neighbor in this season. We’ve decided that in the interest of loving our neighbor well, and protecting the most vulnerable among us, we will be implementing a strict social distancing plan for the entire church. All Well sponsored programming, adult down to kid’s ministry, is pressing pause, with the hopes of re-launching on Easter Sunday. If we feel it is responsible, and that social distancing is not necessary, we will be re-launching Middle School on Tuesday, April 14th, and High school on Wednesday, April 15th. You can click here to see a video from Brad Bell explaining our next steps, our heart, and our mission as a church.

We still value connection with your students and their community. We will be providing Bible reading plans for each life group to do digitally together, weekly videos for your students through social media, and are continually coming up with new ways to connect from a distance.

The hardest hit event in this season is I Heart Fresno, which is now cancelled (of course all deposits and payments will be refunded), but for Student Ministries this also includes:

  • All Life Groups will not be meeting in any official capacity
  • No Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday gatherings
  • No Student Leadership gatherings
  • No face to face (will possibly have virtual) meetings for our HS students going to the DR this summer
  • I Heart Fresno is cancelled

As of right now we are still planning on going to Hume Lake for Summer Camp at the end of July. We will update you as we get updates from Hume.

Given our desire for social distancing, we do not think that it would be responsible for Life Groups to meet apart from our normal programming. We have asked Life Group leaders to not organize large Life Group get-togethers. However, your student’s life group leader will not disappear and are taking a position of availability in whatever capacity they are comfortable with. We think it is great if your student wants to meet with their Life Group leader 1 on 1 and they are both comfortable with that. But we ask for your grace during this season as we navigate different personalities and needs in our ministry.

Our staff is still available and working mostly from home, so feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries.

Attached is a resource for your family during this time of social distancing. Please feel free to reach out if you have any need for resources, we will provide them if we can. We may be sending more resources your way as needed.

2 Timothy 1:7- “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”