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College/Young Adults

Meet the Team

Mark Snee

Mark SneeNorth College/Career Pastor

Originally from Southern California, Mark and his wife Caitlin were married in 2005 and currently live in Fresno with their four children and two foster children. Mark surrendered his life to Christ at the age of 19 when he was in college, and immediately got involved with a local church, the very one he would then serve at for 10 years as a youth pastor. With a love for being active as well as engaging with people for the glory of Christ, Mark is grateful and excited about the ministry opportunities this city has to offer, especially from its younger collegiate generation.

Chelsey Thompson

Chelsey ThompsonConnections Director

Raised in a houseful of boys, Chelsey MacAlpine is no stranger to pranks and minor brawls, and has been known to instigate many, but that doesn’t keep her from also loving a good ol’ Hallmark Christmas movie. Whether it’s bungee jumping in South Africa, a raucous match of water polo or crazy road trips with friends, she is always up for an adventure. But if you ever lose her in large crowd, never fear, as everyone who has been around her for five minutes knows, you could pick her laugh out of a stadium full of people.

With several years and job titles at The Well, and spending many summers spreading God’s love at Hume Lake, San Diego and New England, Chelsey has proven to be a friend to kids and students of all ages. Though her childhood dream of dolphin training never quite worked out, her leadership, mentoring and team-building skills have been honed to work with college students and young adults, and she never fails to remind them all to make good choices!