The Well Community Church

Life Group Leader Process

In order for Life Groups to display health and be fruitful, strong leadership is needed. We believe our Life Group Leaders hold a special and unique role in our church, serving as shepherds to the people in their Groups. They are called to love, lead, mentor, correct and encourage others toward spiritual formation.

Foremost, we look for those who want to be disciples of Jesus and are growing spiritually. We seek those who have teachable hearts, and are committed to investing time and energy in the lives of people. We don’t need perfect leaders but leaders who are willing to live honest and authentic lives alongside others.

Becoming a Life Group Leader

  • Lead a group of people in living out the rhythms of Connecting to God, Connecting to Each Other, and In Every Neighborhood.
  • Encourage people to grow as disciples of Jesus, who are intentionally becoming more like Him through a Humbly Submitted heart and Biblically Formed mind.
  • Create redemptive communities where people can be honest and open about their lives and their faith.
  • Help shepherd people in your Life Group by knowing them, leading them, feeding them and protecting them.

Relationships as a Life Group Leader

  • Discipleship relationship with the members of your Group
  • Shepherding relationship with a Life Group Coach or Life Group Shepherd
  • Collaborative relationship with other Life Group Leaders

Responsibilities of a Life Group Leader

  • Be familiar and comfortable with The Well's mission statement, and encourage your Group to live out the rhythms of Connecting to God, Connecting to Each Other, and In Every Neighborhood.
  • Be familiar and comfortable with The Anatomy of a Disciple and how it can be used as a tool to shepherd the people in your Group.
  • Attend Life Group leader training events.
  • Identify other leaders in your Group and share leadership where appropriate.
  • Respond to any and all communication from your Coach, Campus Pastor, Community Life Shepherd or Campus Admin.

To Become a Life Group Leader

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

  • Interview with one of the Community Life staff members to be approved for leadership and sign the Leadership Covenant.

Step Four

  • Complete a Life Group Launch Sheet and return it to your Campus Community Life Admin.