3 Goals, 3 Years

Cultivate will strengthen this generation and grow the next generation into a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

With a deep conviction to proclaim Christ to every generation, and having never retreated from anything God has called us to, we must resource what He has chosen to grow.

Cultivate Overview
Cultivate Overview Cultivate Stories September 5, 2018

The Well is positioned to significantly influence our city, and God has been preparing us for this moment for years. We are poised to reach an entire region with gospel-centered teaching, worship, discipleship, equipping classes, and recovery programs – areas of incredible transformation already happening in and through our church.

Learn more about our exponential growth, the tremendous challenges we face, and how God can use our 3 goals in 3 years for His glory in the Mission Proposition.

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  • "We really just want to come alongside moms and dads and help them know the value that they have and the value their baby has."

  • "I can grab my cross and say, 'You see this here? This is why I do this."

  • "He knew the worst parts of me and provided grace in my shortcomings."

  • "God, I guess if I need to go see you, I guess I'm going to have to go see you pretty soon, 'cause these guys might end up killing me."

The First Fruit

Understanding the unique hardships that exist in our city, and doing for some what we wish we could do for all, we have carefully chosen to make a significant investment back into our local community. The first fruit of $500,000 from Cultivate will be strategically invested into local gospel-centered initiatives.

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Cultivate will require all of us to step out in faith, giving above and beyond, with genuine sacrifice, to embark on one of the most significant kingdom investments in the history of Fresno. This effort demands full participation from our entire church giving with joy, in a manner pleasing to the Lord – not giving equal gifts but gifts of equal sacrifice.

Ready to make your Cultivate Commitment?

Learn more about the strategies for giving that can help you process ways in which you can make your Commitment, and how to fulfill that Commitment and more in our FAQ. Plus, get a breakdown of various commitment levels and how they add up over three years.

Tristan's God Money
Tristan's God Money Cultivate Stories September 12, 2018


  • What Is Cultivate?

    Holding steadfast to the guiding principle of focusing on health and allowing for growth, there are 3 goals in 3 years that define our Cultivate campaign:

    1. The First Fruit of $500,000 from Cultivate will be strategically invested into local gospel-centered initiatives
    2. Renovation of the Fig Garden Campus, accomplishing a multi-use kids facility and classroom expansion
    3. Relocation of the North Campus, accomplishing the first phase of a multi-use spiritual training and community center
  • How Can I Get Involved?

    Cultivate is all about strengthening this generation and growing the next generation into a deep, abiding relationship with Christ. Our hope is for you to get involved in spiritually forming relationships and grow to maturity in your faith because mature disciples reproduce themselves and are generous with their time, talent and treasure.

    Cultivate will make room for tremendous growth, but growth requires additional leaders, additional support structures, additional teams, and additional opportunities to serve, which means we also need the body of Christ to step up and use their gifts.

    You are, of course, invited to get involved financially in one of the largest kingdom investments our city has ever seen, but beyond the finances, we would love to see you join a Life Group and serve on a team. We will continually need support in the ongoing work of ministry throughout Cultivate and long after the projects are completed.

  • Why Renovate the Fig Garden Campus?

    Though the Fig Garden Campus has tremendous character, the facilities are dated, tired, and in need of renewal. Renovation of the north and south kids’ wings, including classroom expansion, provides increased gospel impact to over 7,500 kids and students within one mile of the campus. While allowing us ample space to grow a thriving middle school ministry, renovation also offers increased capacity to grow our adult ministries as well as double our potential reach into the Hispanic community with our Spanish ministry, La Fuente.

  • What Is the Timeline for the Fig Garden Campus Renovation?

    Currently under construction, having secured bank financing, the Fig Garden Campus facilities are expected to be renovated and occupied by the fall of 2020.

  • Why Relocate the North Campus?

    We are out of room. Since its launch in 2007 with a single morning gathering, the North Campus has seen a 300% growth to date, now hosting 6 gatherings each week with upward of 3,500 kids, students and adults in attendance.

    We have made our kids play in overcrowded classrooms and our middle and high school students play in the parking lot on separate nights. Our Women’s Bible Study equips over 500 women each semester, and because they are forced to meet in the current sanctuary, they are limited in depth of conversation, authenticity and vulnerability. Adding to that, our re:generation recovery ministry has exploded with over 400 attending weekly and is hosting small groups in storage closets.

    For years, we have squeezed, adjusted, modified and maneuvered growing ministries to resource God’s calling. How can a church experiencing exponential growth transform the next generation if capacity hinders the ability to reach new people for Christ?

    Relocation allows us to focus on health and allow for growth by alleviating barriers of parking, attendance and safety. While providing space for our many adult ministries, it also allows us to focus on the generations to come.

    The new campus is strategically located with over 26,000 kids and students (kindergarten through 12th grade) and nearly 30,000 college students within a 3-mile radius. With space available to invite their friends, our gospel reach of kids and students has the potential to grow by hundreds or even thousands, providing desperately needed hope in Christ to a post-Christian culture.

  • What Is the Timeline for the First Phase of the North Campus Relocation?

    Financial commitments made at the Cultivate Celebration Commitment Event on October 21 will dictate how aggressively we can move toward construction.

    If Cultivate commitments are as we expect, we can begin on the design, development, and infrastructure improvements for the new property as soon as possible. Once this is underway in earnest, we are expecting a minimum three-year construction process, projecting occupancy as early as January of 2022.

    Several factors can impact this timeline, but we are praying for God’s grace to go before us and lead the way.

  • What Will Happen to the Current North Campus?

    The completion of Cultivate will trigger relocation of the entire North Campus, allowing us to pursue the sale of the current property to another gospel-centered church in our community. The sale of the current North Campus will help lower the total financing need of Cultivate.  

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