3 Goals, 3 Years

Cultivate will strengthen this generation and grow the next generation into a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. 

With a deep conviction to proclaim Christ to every generation, and having never retreated from anything God has called us to, we must resource what He has chosen to grow.

The Well is positioned to significantly influence our city, and God has been preparing us for this moment for years. We are poised to reach an entire region with gospel-centered teaching, worship, discipleship, equipping classes, and recovery programs – areas of incredible transformation already happening in and through our church.

The First Fruit

Understanding the unique hardships that exist in our city, and doing for some what we wish we could do for all, we have carefully chosen to make a significant investment back into our local community. The first fruit of $500,000 from Cultivate will be strategically invested into local gospel-centered initiatives.


Cultivate will require all of us to step out in faith, giving above and beyond, with genuine sacrifice, to embark on one of the most significant kingdom investments in the history of Fresno. This effort demands full participation from our entire church giving with joy, in a manner pleasing to the Lord – not giving equal gifts but gifts of equal sacrifice.

  • Holding steadfast to the guiding principle of focusing on health and allowing for growth, there are 3 goals in 3 years that define our Cultivate campaign:

    • The First Fruit of $500,000 from Cultivate will be strategically invested into local gospel-centered initiatives 
    • Renovation of the Fig Garden Campus, accomplishing a multi-use kids facility and classroom expansion
    • Relocation of the North Campus, accomplishing the first phase of a multi-use spiritual training and community center
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