The First Fruit

The first fruit of $500,000 from Cultivate will be strategically invested into local gospel-centered initiatives.

Orphan Care


Safe Families for Children

Supports parents in crisis by giving them time to get back on their feet while their children are cared for in a safe and loving environment.

City Without Orphans

Bridges the needs of foster and orphaned children with local churches that have tangible resources to provide for them.

Central Valley Christian Alliance for Orphans

Unites churches and orphan advocates in the Central Valley of California to collectively care for local and global orphans.

Combating Human Trafficking


Made for Them

Fights against the human trafficking of men, women and children in forced labor and sexual exploitation by promoting social justice and human rights, and supporting the needs of survivors.

Breaking the Chains

Works with law-enforcement agencies to provide services to adult female victims of human trafficking, including rescue, job training, counseling, addiction treatment, and transitional or long-term housing.

Central Valley Justice Coalition

Consists of community members, pastors, government leaders and agencies, NGOs, church leaders and abolitionists who seek to prevent the exploitation of human rights and desire to bring holistic, lasting change to those impacted by human trafficking and related forms of modern-day slavery in the Central Valley.

Local Initiatives


Every Neighborhood Partnership

Connects churches and community partners with underserved school neighborhoods to meet literacy needs and be an active presence at Saturday Sports, helping kids grow spiritually and in their character. They also mobilize individuals, groups and organizations to serve alongside residents and existing non-profits through

Martin Park

Provides a safe place for children and families living in the Lowell Neighborhood in Downtown Fresno to repair brokenness, build the community, and be a safe haven for others.

Pregnancy Care Center

Offers help and hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies, presents sexual abstinence as a positive lifestyle for singles, and provides opportunity for healing and restoration to those who have been hurt by abortion, while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Local Churches


Neighborhood Church

A threefold Sunday worship gathering, small business incubator, and non-profit ministry working for the renewal of Jackson neighborhood by preaching Jesus, meeting practical needs and building community.

Saint Rest Baptist Church

A family of people committed to transforming the community and following Jesus through Spirit-filled worship and intimate discipleship.

Next Generation Ministry Internships


This will be a strategic investment in high school and college students through a summer internship program designed to provide a high-impact leadership development and training experience, which would include serving at various ministry events while being mentored by The Well’s pastoral staff. In addition, a 9-month ministry internship exposes the next generation to the inner workings of a church, helping to discern best positions of service and potential calling to vocational ministry.