Cultivate Stories

Cultivate Celebration Stories

God is doing some amazing work in our community, strengthening this generation as they reach out and pour into the next. These are just a few stories of how He is using The Well and our Cultivate campaign in the larger story He is writing. More

Eric's Story

"So if I have this much money now, and this is what I wanted ever since I was a child, the six-figure salary and now it's not satisfying.... when will it ever be satisfying?" More

Mark Ford

"God gives me so much time talent and treasure and what am I going to do with that. Am I going to store it up or distribute it out and use it for what God wants me to do?" More

Neighborhood Church

"We've wrapped our neighbors inside of a common vision for what would it look like if God has His way on 8 blocks by 12 blocks." More

Tristan's God Money

"You can start giving your money to God whenever you want, as long as you have money to give to God." More

Manuel Contreras

"God, I guess if I need to go see you, I guess I'm going to have to go see you pretty soon, 'cause these guys might end up killing me." More

Cultivate Overview

Cultivate will strengthen this generation and grow the next generation into a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. With a deep conviction to proclaim Christ to every generation, and having never retreated from anything God has called us to, we must resource what He has chosen to grow. More