The Well Community Church

Academy Semester Topic:

Old Testament Historical Books

This class will guide you thoughtfully through the Old Testament Historical Books of the Bible (Genesis – Nehemiah) in a way that helps you understand the unique contribution of each of these books. As a student, you will see how these books relate to us today and how they are foundational to the New Testament. You will see why these books are so important in answering many of the “beginnings” questions in life today. For instance, these books will address, among other things:

  1. How did we get here, and why did God create mankind?
  2. What about the dinosaurs?
  3. Where did the Israeli and Muslim people come from?
  4. Where did the various nations today come from, and what are their roots?
  5. Why is there so much perpetual turmoil in the Middle East?
  6. Where do concepts like worship, Messiah and faith come from?
  7. Why did God institute an animal sacrificial system in Israel?
  8. What does the Bible really say about the place and value of men and women in culture?
  9. How are we still being impacted by the choices of people in those ancient times?