The Well Community Church

Academy Semester Topic:

Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Books

This class will guide you thoughtfully through the Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Books of the Bible (Job – Malachi) in a way that helps you understand the unique contribution of each of these books in the Bible. As a student, you will see how these books relate to us today and how they are foundational to the New Testament. You will see how these books are practical for daily living. For instance, these books will address, among other things:

  1. Why does God allow good people to suffer?
  2. Why are music and worship so important to the health and life of mankind?
  3. What is the difference between knowledge, understanding and wisdom in everyday life?
  4. What are some common everyday choices that will make life work better?
  5. What should we do with our anger toward God?
  6. How does God truly relate with His creation, including mankind?
  7. Why were the times and culture of the prophets so similar to our culture today?
  8. What are the things that God is most excited about and most concerned about in life?
  9. What does the future of the world look like, and why?