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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies Track is a 10-month, pastor-led, seminary-level equipping opportunity intended to develop men and women in areas of biblical exposition, theology, leadership, pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, character development and servanthood. This is not merely for those who feel called to vocational ministry, but also for any who desire to be developed to grow as a leader and disciple-maker.

Since 2004, we have graduated more than 320 students, comprised of men, women, singles and married couples who have experienced the program together. While the majority of our Residents are local to Fresno, many come to us each year from other cities and out of state to be a part of this incredible experience. This program requires discipline, commitment, and a willingness to stretch and invest into the lives of others. It will most likely dictate the direction for your devotional life and discipline throughout its season, but will no doubt be eternally rewarding and better equip you for an intentional life of discipleship, ministry and glory for our Lord Jesus Christ.

For those with exceptional life circumstances who are unable to meet the standard, five-day, in-class attendance requirements, check out the Video Extension Course.


Duration: Friday, August 24, 2018 – Friday, May 10, 2019; Graduation: Thursday, May 30
Location: The Well North Campus
Breaks: We generally follow the Clovis USD calendar, taking off for the following:

  • 11/19-23 Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/24-1/4 Christmas Break
  • Spring Break TBD
  • All Major Holidays

Cost: $200 (covers materials, resources and retreats for the entire year, and graduation)

Topics of Study

Biblical Exposition: Including various books taught from the Old Testament and New Testament
Hermeneutics: How to study the Bible
Homiletics: How to teach the Bible
Systematic Theology: Covering the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and church
Gospel Transformation: Understanding and applying the gospel of Jesus in a broken and fallen world
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Understanding imperatives in God’s intentional design
Spiritual Formation: The process by which we grow and are transformed as disciples of Jesus Christ

General Format

5 Morning Sessions: Mondays-Fridays 6:00am-7:30am

  • Mondays and Tuesdays: New Testament Exposition
  • Wednesdays: Biblical Manhood/Womanhood and Gospel Transformation
  • Thursdays and Fridays: Old Testament Exposition

Midweek Commissioning

  • Thursday, September 6, 2018

2 Weekend Retreats

  • Fall: September 14-15, 2018
  • Spring: March 8-9, 2019


  • Thursday, May 30, 2019

Assignments & Projects

Each subject will require its own expectation of homework assignments and projects, including but not limited to pre-class reading, written assignments, teaching assignments, Scripture memorization, book charts and journaling.

There will also be various service projects and opportunities we will ask/encourage you to participate in throughout the year, including but not limited to Serve Fresno, Exposure Trips, study trips and school mentoring.

Wednesdays will also include weekly same-sex small group time, in which students will process the specific content as applied to one another’s lives.


Biblical Studies Residents must be a high school graduate or older.

Biblical Studies Residents must live within the greater Fresno area while participating in this program.

Biblical Studies Residents must be committed to a local church (if not The Well, then another church in the area).

Biblical Studies Residents must attend classes and/or events regularly and faithfully. We understand life happens—sickness, family needs, business trips, mission trips, etc. We certainly want to extend much grace in those areas. However, there comes a point when too many absences rob the investment we want to give you in this experience and lowers the standard for others who have committed. Therefore, we monitor each Resident to ensure tardies and absences do not become excessive.

Biblical Studies Residents are expected to serve between 5-10 volunteer hours each week within a chosen ministry or campus of The Well. We will present you with options on the first day of the program, and you will have one week after to make your choice for where you will serve. Exceptions can be made for those already serving at another church or ministry here in town. Verification will be required from a qualified leader where you serve.

We ask that you steward dating relationships, marriage, career and hobbies in such a way that you can maximize your time and investment into this program. We encourage you to not take on new or too many responsibilities during this time.

Biblical Studies Residents must be willing to study, apply and give away what they receive during this year (Ezra 7:10).

To submit your application, click the Apply Now button. Complete the PDF by following the instructions provided, and send it to, along with two references, one pastoral and one personal, using the form below. Please identify the desired track in the subject line.

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