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Serve at Summerpalooza

Kids June 14th-18th

I wanna be where the people are,

I wanna lead, wanna lead a small group,

Or maybe I’ll just prep some- what do you call ’em?

Oh- crafts!

Sittin at home, you don’t get too far

I’ve had enough of the eating, sleeping

I’ll get off my couch and I’ll- what’s that word again?


At VBS, where the kids run,

Where they’ll all learn of God’s only Son,

That’s where I’ll be, won’t you join me,

And we’ll both serve!

Take a closer look and see what matters most. We invite you to join an exciting team that impacts the hearts and lives of kids for Jesus! Get connected to our Kids Crew today.

 Here are the details:

  • Summerpalooza
  • June 14 - 17, 2021
  • 6-8:30pm
  • North and Fig Campuses
  • Preschool and Elementary 
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