Video Producer - Part Time

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Video Producer - Part Time


Our creative team is looking for a self-initiator, creative-type to work closely with our Video Director. Moderate experience in video production (concepting, pre and post-production) is preferred, so as to support the Video Director in telling the story of life change at The Well.  This is a part-time 20 hour a week position.

 Ideally, the person who fills this position will:

• Be a team player.

• Be thoughtful and thorough, while able to prioritize and work well under time constraints.

• Be energetic and able to excite people to be on camera, while having great communication skills in order to interview and make people comfortable.

• Capture, edit, and duplicate videos.

• Capture special events, department curriculum, Lead Team initiatives, etc. (including evening, weekend, and Sunday service events).

• Be able to complete certain administrative tasks (such as scheduling, as well as project management in Podio).


• Experience with Video Editing Software

• Can operate and maintain proper levels and calibration of cameras, audio and video recorders, and other production equipment

• Understands basic composition techniques

• Very detail-oriented and able to identify quality issues in audio and video

• Experience with storyboarding, scripting, and concepting is a plus

• Experience with Adobe After Effects or Motion is a plus

• Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is a plus

• Embraces new technology (like AR, VR, etc.) as it develops



To apply for this position please send your resume to

Posted on April 27, 2021

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