Well Kids Team

Jordan Niles

Jordan Niles Kid's Director

If there is one thing you need to know about Jordan, it is that he lives to have fun! He loves coffee, a good book, or a walk in nice weather. When he is not out having fun, he is at home hanging out with his beautiful wife, Danay and two kids, Patrick and June. Jordan grew up in church but didn’t fully understand the gospel until later in life. So now he has a desire and passion to see the next generation grow up in love with Jesus and a true view of the gospel.

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith North Preschool Director

Melissa was born and raised in Southern California. She moved to Fresno after her first year of college. It was in Fresno that she met her husband. Sean and Melissa have been married for 22 years and have 4 kids, 1 amazing daughter-in-law, and 2 goldendoodles. She loves the beach, shopping, 80's music, and NACHOS!

Melissa had the privilege of being home with her kids until her youngest was 10. She then went to work at the elementary school her children attended and while being a campus monitor was not the most glamorous job, it made her realize how much she loved working with children. She worked as an aide in a kindergarten classroom and then as one on one aide in special education. She loves that she now gets to not only work with kids and their families, but also share Jesus with them.

Rachel Tuttle

Rachel Tuttle North Elementary Director

Rachel is married to her high school sweetheart and has three wild, but sweet kids. She attended The Master’s College, got married, and then finished up her degree at Fresno Pacific. Teaching was always on her radar until her kids arrived and she chose to stay home with them. The Lord then led her into kids ministry. She loves taking pictures, camping and fishing, gardening and cooking/entertaining. She is not a fan of silence and will always have music on in the background - from worship to country, ‘90s pop and yes, since she’s a mom, Disney music (but you gotta love some Disney music!).

Josie Jones

Josie Jones Kids Midweek Director

Emilie Jones

Emilie Jones North 415 Director

Emilie was born and raised in Bass Lake, California, and has called The Well home since 2010. Because of her childhood, she feels most at home in the mountains. When hiking, backpacking, or simply being in nature, you can expect Emilie to pick wildflowers along the way to add to her growing collection of pressed flowers. Emilie also has a knack for art, loves the Word of God, and finds joy in connecting with people and hearing their stories.

Emilie’s kid's ministry experience roots in years of Christian camp ministry and kids-focused missionary work in South Africa. Emilie is passionate about coming alongside kids in their faith, especially for the preteen age demographic. She is eager to connect with you and your 4th or 5th graders!

Ruby Koetsier

Ruby Koetsier Training Ground Director

Noal Aasness

Noal Aasness Kids Resource Director

Noal grew up in Southern California and moved to Fresno after marrying her hot hunk of a firefighter in 1999. She graduated from Long Beach State, and although she got her degree in creative writing, she doesn't broadcast that fact, lest someone feel the urge to ask her to actually write something. She and her husband Todd (aka Hot Toddy) have a son (Tim), a daughter (Sarah), and a polydactyl cat (Suzanne Thumbers).

Noal enjoys reading, word games, working out (well, maybe not the working out part as much as the results of working out), trying new restaurants, and a good cup of coffee. She'll take Fresno winters over Fresno summers, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and Cheez-its over Goldfish any day of the week. She considers her job on the Kids' Team a huge privilege as she makes sure the kids have the supplies and lessons available, so they are equipped to learn about Jesus' overwhelming love for them. 

Holly Branch

Holly Branch Kids Ministries Administrator

Holly married a cowboy years ago, lives on a ranch, and has two grown sons. She is Gigi to the two cutest grandbabies in the world! She enjoys wide open spaces, the smell of rain and alfalfa, drinking hot tea by a glowing fire, and watching God paint a sunset each night. She is the organizer and spreadsheet maker working behind the scenes. She has a deep love of the Word and can often be found deep in study or leading a small group in Women's Bible Study.  

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